Sunday, 22 July 2007

Puppy Love

It's tough being a mum........

especially when you've got seven mouths to feed........

there's always one that's hungry.........

you can end up feeling a bit frazzled.......

finally...... five minutes peace......

it doesn't last long though- Oi, get that paw out of my eye!

but they grow up quicker than you'd imagine.........

soon it's time for them to find new families........

and say our goodbyes........

It was hard work, but i'll miss them x


  1. cuteness overload! they are hard was it to say goodbye? lovely lovely photos xx

  2. Just the mere thought of having 7 children all at once is enough to make me feel faint!

    Cute photos, and I love the washstand in the last post. The bedroom is going to look fab!

    Julia x

  3. Oh I bet you didn't want to say goodbye to them, they are gorgeous!! I knew I wouldn't be the only wallpaper hoarder tee-hee!! And thanks for the offer of a tutorial, that's so kind, I will definitely take you up on that offer soon! Have a lovely week!! x

  4. i could not part with pups - that is why my girls will be locked away from the boys at crucial times!!!
    beautiful photos x
    tracy x

  5. believe me tracy, after eight weeks of cleaning up seven poos and wees five times a day, your glad that they are going to a new home, it was exhausting!!

    The way the pregancy worked out, the puppies where eight weeks just after christmas, and I wouldn't let them go before, so it was a bit of squeeze for christmas day, as I only have a smallish victorian terrace.

    The litter was planned, they where pedigree pups, and I think we will have another litter next summer, but I will breed her with a yellow male this time, so if anyone is thinking of owning a labrador pup in the future???

  6. Awww, what a sweetie pie and obviously a good mom :)

    We have a yellow lab, too, but she never had puppies-- would have been terribly bittersweet to go through that.

    Lovely pics.

  7. Oh my gosh - what adorable puppies!

    I'm telling myself that I can't have another dog!!!

  8. What gorgeous puppies - they reminded me of ours. We watched Rosie's birth in 1987 (the mother belonged to a work colleague), and had her for 13½ fabulous years. She had such a sense of humour and always grinned at visitors!! (Do dogs have a sense of humour I wonder?)

    Not sure how I found your blog, but I'll be back!


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