Tuesday, 24 July 2007

New Acquisitions

Over the weekend, I finally got round to going to my local car boot, after lots of missed opportunities due to rain and family gatherings, and I was pleased to find a few bits and pieces including a old pastry cutter tin, a lovely but severely beaten up old measuring jug, a pressed glass sugar shaker, and 24 old tartlet cases, all for £5.

I also bought a bolt of vintage printed cotton for £2.50, some hat pins for £1 and some cotton thread.

I also made a special visit to Matalan after browsing gigibird's blog and reading about these lovely mugs she bought there for only £2 each!

I bought four, and they look lovely on my little shelf in the kitchen

as well as this lovely measuring jug which my mum had bought previously for £5, but that I got in the sale for £2.50! Yes mum, I know you is gutted!

finally, I thought I'd show you this antique sign that my Dad bought years ago, but that I have acquired on 'permenant loan' (more later) and have on my staircase, it always makes me smile that many years ago someone had got so fed up with workmen graffitting his stairs, that he had this sign specially made.


  1. What lovely finds - you did so much better than I did at our local car boot on Saturday. We did come away with a bargain dyson vacum (£15!) which I have been begging for though (brilliant for cat fur apparently and we need it). What a wonderful sign and I too feel a trip to matalan coming on..
    Steph x

  2. Hi, Jess!

    So pleased that you left the first comment for my "Pay It Forward" giveaway :) Please e-mail me with your address!


  3. I am getting some of those mugs tomorrow-thanks for the tip!!!

  4. great finds, and congrats on the puppies. SARAH X

  5. buttercup&roses26 July 2007 at 23:29

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Im so glad im not the only 'youngen' whos caught the blogging bug!

    I want to get some of those mugs, what a bargain! I bet they wont have any in my nearest store though, its only small and they never seem to stock any of the good stuff!!


  6. Pretty new treasures. And I love the sign :)

  7. Mugs, jugs and puppies - your house is overflowing with loveliness! and that sign is just plain gorgeous!


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