Thursday, 12 July 2007

and for my next project......

Since my bedroom curtains, are nearly finished (I'm waiting on the heading tape from Merrick & Day, who sell curtain making materials and sundries at wholesale price to the public.) I thought that I should get on with decorating our bedroom, which is still in the awful purple/lilac paint that nearly all the rooms where painted in when we moved in (the previous owners had also painted the radiators council estate green - why I ask you, why?!)
So I am planning to turn this.....

into this.....

Wallpaper - Laura Ashley Chalk Pink Oriental Garden, Paint - Laura Ashley Oyster (old range, still available in Homebase)

I also found this little marbled-topped wash stand over the weekend in my mum's old pottery (which is in my grandmother's walled garden) she had used the legs as a stand for her lathe, and it's covered in splatters of slip. So yes, you guessed it I'm sanding it down and painting it in some pale Farrow & Ball colour that I've got in the cupboard, haven't decided which yet. The marble is my favourite - Carrara, a lovely pale grey and white. I thought it would look gorgeous in a bathroom with a ceramic sink on top, but unfortunately my bathroom just isn't big enough, so in the meantime I'm going to put it at the foot of our bed. Now all I need is reasonably priced wash basin and jug to sit on the top.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    You are a busy lady, I love the wash stand, you will definitely have to show us a pic once it is finished. Oh and I too have that Laura Ashley wall paper, which was going to go on a wall in the bedroom, how strange is that!

    Take care,

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I've just discovered your beautiful blog,thanks for the link to Merrick and Day (just what I needed). I'm moving house soon and have fallen in love with the pom-pom trim you've used on a window. Great idea - hope you don't mind if I pinch it!

    Good luck with the washstand.


    P.S I'm sure its fine to listen to Radio 4 all day at 24 - I was, though somehow I switched over to Radio 5 and I've been stuck there for the last few years. Although Sunday is always a Radio 4 day (Archers, Desert Island discs, Food Programme & GQT are a must).

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