Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Holy Smoke

Last week was smokey in more than one way, as you might have read in a previous post, I went to see Smokey Robinson at the Royal Albert Hall. He was great, his voice was still fantastic, and he sang all the the favourites - Tears of a Clown, Tracks of My Tears, Ooh Baby Baby, I Second That Emotion, Being With You, You Really Got a Hold on Me, and also the songs he wrote for other Motown bands such as 'Get Ready' & 'My Girl' sung by Temptations. He was also really funny and didn't take him self to seriously, funnier than the warm up comedian in fact! But Libby and I had to laugh, after the last wardrobe change, he wore a white polyester satin shirt and trousers with with diamante belt and shirt cuffs, a bling cross around his neck and two diamond stud earrings - Classy!

I have tried to see if anyone has posted a video of the concert on YouTube yet, but I only found this one which is a very poor video phone clip with some old boy singing out of tune over the top of it - quite comical really!

We also had a lovely dinner before hand at our family favourite Carluccio's courtesy of Mum and Dad. Thank you x

For those of you who live in the UK, you will know about the other smokiness I refer to, as on Sunday 1st July the UK has banned smoking in public buildings.... Hip Hip Hooray!! I can now go down the pub, and not come home smelling like an ashtray (says a reformed smoker of 5 years). And on friday I think all the smokers in all the offices, schools, etc. had a farewell party for their smoking rooms, (my mother-in-law even had a cigarette cake made - Yuk! Although I don't think it was actually made of cigarettes) and on saturday my NON-smoking husband, Danny, joined in, with his friend and had a cigar in our local - The Angel.

So commiserations to all you smokers out there who will now have to stand outside for a smoke during the lovely british summer that we are having, and celebrations for me and the rest of you non-smokers, Hurrah!

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