Thursday, 5 July 2007

Heaven Scent

I was in my workshop/outhouse yesterday afternoon, cutting reams of fabric for the red silk curtains I have to make this week, and listening to gardeners question time on radio 4 (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to listen to radio 4 all day considering I'm only 24, it started when I was 19! I think it's a comfort thing).

Bob Flowerdew's (I bet he made that name up) tip of the week was "don't let your sweet peas go to seed" and since the weather as been so awful, and I haven't been able to enjoy my garden outside, I decided to bring part of it inside.

so now I have a gorgeous posy of heavily scented sweet peas and pretty pale pink penstemon (hey, look at my alliteration skills!) sitting next to me, as I type this post on my coveted iBook, so I thought that I would share some photo's with you all (I so love using the macro option on my digital camera for lovely close ups, sigh).

Hopefully I will be having a show and tell soon of my full length oyster silk bedroom curtains that I started in January (yes, I know, thats 6 months ago, but I never seem to get round to it, I make curtains for other people every week, but when they are my own it's a different story!).

They have been sitting on the bed in the spare room/workroom since then, full of pins, and I have finally got round to sewing on a gorgeous, but rather delicate mother-of-pearl trim on the leading edge, and hand sewing the silk and interlining together, now all I have to do it is hand sew the lining in, and decided what heading I'm going to put on them.

Believe me, I have changed my mind about the heading for these curtains about 6 times, but think I have finally decided on something like this. I have done a practise run with some spare fabric, and it worked out alright, so watch this space!

Anyway I better get on with those red silk curtains or Phillippa is going to kill me!

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  1. Gorgeous flowers and fabulous paintings by your mum, great to catch up, can't wait to see those curtains!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Julia x


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