Friday, 13 June 2008

Happy Blogging Birthday To Me!


Well to be truthful it was actually yesterday, but things have been busy this week (more later).

So in true blogging style we have cupcakes to celebrate, and a giveaway, Yea!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started this little blog, and I'm so glad I did, I've got to know some lovely people, and made some lovely blogging friends who share my passion for "others people's old crap" as my husband calls it, my love of making and painting things, and all the other nice things in my life, as well as inspiring me and cheering me up with your lovely comments when I'm feeling low.
I still feel real excitement when I check my inbox and see that someone has left me a comment. Although over time my posts have been become less frequent (after the initial buzz of having a new blog) I still love my little blog and appreciate every little comment that anyone makes, even if I don't get time to answer them all (or if I forget!)
Thank you so much to all of you that have visited me from the beginning of my blogging days, and to all of the new people that pop by too.

So to show my thanks I am holding a giveaway, but with a difference, there will be one main winner, but everyone who leaves a comment will receive a little token of thanks, it could be some ribbon or lace, some bits of fabric, a handmade card, or something else, who knows!

The main winner will receive a larger package, stuffed with some fabric, vintage buttons, ribbon and lace, perhaps a pretty vintage cup and saucer and some other little treasures that I can lay my hands on.

All you have to do to enter is to tell me what your favourite colour is, and tell me about one of your most favourite things that you have in that colour. If that makes sense!

Now, I have to show you some of my latest treasures........

My latest haul from the lady with the junk stall at the Saturday market in town, you have to look hard because most of it is a bit grubby, the candlestick holder was really dirty and covered in old wax but it scrubbed up lovely, along with the three pretty floral ceramic brooches.
The embroidered picture was a great find but was in a falling apart dodgy black plastic frame with a very dirty mount, here I've already put it in new frame and mount from the hardware shop, which has now been painted in ivory.

Next is my latest charity shop finds, all vintage cotton pillowcases, on different days, in different shops, but for the grand total of £4.45

These were the first £1.95 for a pair of pink candy stripe with a ruffly edge.

Next where a pair of white cotton housewife pillowcases with a pretty hand embroidered edge for £1.25

and finally a pair of white cotton square oxford pillowcases dotted with little embroidered blue roses for £1.25

all in mint condition without any stains, you can imagine my joy, all I need now is some square pillows to put the blue rose pillowcase on! I am doubly pleased as well, because charity shop finds are becoming very thin on the ground in my neck of the woods, and often when you do find them they are a bit overpriced for my liking.

Oh....I almost forgot, the reason for me being rather busy this week is my new project, on Monday I was chatting to my neighbour over the garden fence about the fact that I was keen to start a vegetable patch (spurred by recent TV chefs that shall remain nameless, as I'm sure you know who I mean) but due to long waiting lists for the council' s allotments and the restricted space in my garden I wasn't having much luck.

Anyway she mentioned that a while back she used have a vegetable patch towards the back of our other neighbour's (86 yr-old Joe) rather large garden, but after an operation a couple of years back she gave it up, but she was now keen to start again. So later that day she had a word with Joe, as she knew he was having trouble up keeping what was grass and hedge, and so in return for keeping the back of the garden tidy, and a few vegetables once they are grown I am now the proud owner of a plot.

So this whole week has been spent clearing the long grass and brambles, digging new beds, huffing and puffing, and constructing wooden frames to create two neat beds of my very own, I'm so pleased, and even more pleased I did all the back braking work to get them!

It has been a bit of a race against time, because as you will probably know if you are a veg grower, it's a bit late in the season, so time is of the essence to get some use out of it this year.

Also, tomorrow we are off to Southwold for the weekend. Mum and Dad have rented a house there for two weeks right on the sand dunes next to the beach (and it's got a verandah!), and we are to be the first of their many guests. So Lily is being bundled off for her first stay in kennels, and the car is already loaded up with buckets and spades, balls, picnic paraphernalia, polka dot windbreak, and clothes for all weathers (the forecast hasn't been great, but that won't dampen my spirits, we will cook sausages on the beach!) So wish me luck, and fingers crossed it doesn't rain too much!


  1. Oh Jess what amazing finds - I am green wth envy (my favourite colour actually!) I adore the little picture and the brooches especially, oh and the embroidered pillowcases too - just beautiful.

    Really pleased for you on the veg patch news, what lovely neighbours you've got. We've been bitten by the veg bug too and have made a start with toms and a cucumber on the patio and we're badgering the parish coucnil for an allotment (all HFW's fault, I can't resist him).
    Have a fabulous time in Southwold, my parents fell in love with it a few yeas back and I'd love to go sometime. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
    P.s. Happy blog anniversary btw- yours is one of my most favourite places to visit!

  2. Oh Jess what amazing finds - I am green wth envy (my favourite colour actually!) I adore the little picture and the brooches especially, oh and the embroidered pillowcases too - just beautiful.

    Really pleased for you on the veg patch news, what lovely neighbours you've got. We've been bitten by the veg bug too and have made a start with toms and a cucumber on the patio and we're badgering the parish coucnil for an allotment (all HFW's fault, I can't resist him).
    Have a fabulous time in Southwold, my parents fell in love with it a few yeas back and I'd love to go sometime. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
    P.s. Happy blog anniversary btw- yours is one of my most favourite places to visit!

  3. All your finds are just lovely. And good luck with the lot. You'll be cooking with your own veg in not time.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  4. Goodness a year already!I too think that meeting people who are into the same things as me is the best bit.
    I'm on the waiting list at 3 different allotment sites near me but have no hope of getting one before I'm about 90 I think!
    I have been collecting those little china brooches too, they look great when worn grouped together on a jacket.

  5. what lovely ,lovely vintage finds...well done, they're all so pretty..and well done on your first blogging anniversary!..I'm with Steph on the colour green..I love green from sludgy to eau de nil and every front door we have ever had has been a shade of it, I'm not sure about a favourite green item though,most of my favourite items seem to be blue at the moment! best of luck with the veg plot..and that house on the dunes sounds fantastic..I adore verandas..wonder if its white?!

  6. What a lovely blog post! This is why I love reading your blog. Wish you were my neighbor. My favorite color is blue and my favorite blue 'thing' is my blue and white checked Ethan Allen sofa that I bought at a garage sale in perfect condition! Twyla

  7. Oh Jess, Its sounds like you have had such a lovely week. Great finds and getting your own plot for veggies sound fantastic. You will have to keep us all posted with how you get on. Our little selection of home grown veg is doing rather well. Ella loves seeing the changes everyday... she is now eager to grow a sun flower too.

    Oh and congratulations on reaching your first blogging birthday. My favourite colour is rather hard to pick as I love lots of colours, but I will have to go with pink... all the David Austin roses in my garden vary in shades of pink and they make me smile every time I look at them. I don't have much pink in my home but plan to re decorate the business room with lots of white furniture and Pink rose fabric.
    Take care:)and have a lovely break away.

  8. Hi Jess, happy blogging birthday - I love reading your blog, I only wish you would post more often! I have to say pink is my favourite colour - My boys bought me a lovely pink wooden bowl for mothers day which has white polka dots on it - it sits on the shelf in my kitchen. Good luck with the veggie patch and I hope you enjoy your break - Natalie x

  9. Well done girl, happy first birthday! (technically its an anniversary) have fun in Southwold I'm dead jealous and if you could put kids in kennels I'd be there too! I shall plant some seeds in pots for and put them in the conservatory for you to plant when you are ready- would you like some of the wooden crates from the farm for making raised beds- they are lovely and battered- anyway have a great sytlish break and take loads of pics-see you soon Zia

  10. What are pretty blog! well done for keeping it up for 1 year- mines only 3 days old!

  11. Happy Blog Birthday! I've enjoyed your blog and your giveaway has enticed me to delurk! Your pillowcase finds are beautiful, I love to shop at car boots and charity shops but never find such vintage loveliness. My favourite colour is apple green and my favourite green thing at the moment is my linen summer skirt. Enjoy Southwold, we're going to Suffolk (Aldeburgh) for the first time in August. Best wishes, Sarah

  12. Jess: Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! It is such fun to read about your 'finds' and daily activities. I am 'across the pond' but since my family came from England (several generations ago) I feel a connection.

    I share you love of all things vintage, especially emboridered pillow cases...all those women, sitting in the evening doing handwork after a day of caring for their families.

    My favorite color is red and my most recent treasure is a tinware coffepot, found in the garage at an estate sale. It is white with red trim, had no lid, was filled with rusty nailes and covered in soot from many campfires. Now, cleaned up and in my pantry, it is filled with goodies for baking. I love it!

    Have a lovely day.....

  13. Hi Jess
    Your finds are so gorgeous.I love it
    Happy blog anniversary!!!!
    Have a nice week!!
    P.s.Your blog is wonderful.

  14. Happy Blogging Birthday to you, Jess!! Woohooo!! :)
    Those are amazing finds!! :)
    My fave color would be shades of pink and purple - I don't have a specific fave :P My fave thing in that color would be my wedding dress :)

    Happy Blogging Birthday again!!

    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  15. Happy bloggy birthday Jess,
    Yummy cupcake did you get the button chocolate from the Chocolat shop? I've seen them in there. It looks so yum give me a bite.
    Many hugs.

    Catherine x
    Gorgeous finds I don't know how you find it all, mind you I do live in the bumhole of Kent lol lol

  16. Wishing you (belatedly) a VERY Happy Blogging Birthday Jessica!
    Wish I had your eye for finding such wonderful things! Sophie x

  17. My fav color is purple and I have lots of clothes in that color


  18. Hi Jess, Well my fav colour is PINK lol and my fav item in pink is the fabulous Apples for jam. It was the best most unexpected gift from my gorgeous man. the postman just dropped it off and I jumped in the air when I opened it. Ben my man say oh yes I forgot I saw it and ordered it for you as a surpirse. I love it, the colour of the spine, the dolly shoes on the front cover and the of course the contents. Wonderful just wonderful.
    Catherine x

  19. Hiya Jess, I love your blog. Its so nice to see someone who loves vintage stuff as much as me. You have got some great finds, im v impressed and your website is fab, I think im getting addicted.
    My favoutive colour is cream, it reminds me of summer and its such a fresh colour. My fav thing in that colour is a lovely dressing table. I rescued it from a neighbour, rubbed it all down and painted it cream. It looks really nice and looks fab in my vintage inspired bedroom. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY.
    Jodie stewart

  20. Happy blog birthday! I love your vintage finds - and am very envious of your pillow cases! Congratulations on scoring the veg patch - it isn't too late to get a good crop of stuff, and you can always cheat with some plants from the garden centre for this year. Good luck with it all,
    Cathy XX

  21. Happy Blogging birthday I love to read your lovely blog it's one of my favourites! Well done on your new veg plot you sound like you've done an awful lot this week you must be pleased with yourself. I'd love to create a small veg plot in our garden but what with trying to create a new cottage style border and little area for Emily's sunflowers and broad beans it shall have to wait till next year. Then theres the plans to errect a hen house and keep chicken's!

    Your new find's are very pretty the charity shop's in our area are expensive too.

    My favourite is blue can't make my mind up what blue item I love best theirs my blue robert's radio, but then there's my blue vintage singer sewing machine or my blue Ernest and Matilda cushion's I could go on I have lot's of blue things.
    Hope you and your family have a nice holiday it sounds nice look forward to your hol snaps!

  22. Hi Jess,

    Happy 1st birthday! Wishing you many more.

    Anyway, in answer to your question. I'm a pink girl myself ~ a favourite item in this colour is a set of earrings and necklace in pink Murano glass with a glass beaded necklace instead of a chain ~ very pretty.

    I love all of your charity shop bargains. Good luck with your veggie plot!

    Marie x

  23. Happy first blogging birthday to you Jessica! Blogging is such a lovely way to bump into like minded people and collect inspiration by the bucket load.
    My favourite colour just has to be duck egg blue. I have many items that are that colour including clothing but I have to say that my favourite is a wood and glass old old cabinet that stands on the floor in my workroom and store all of my small vintage and antqiue pieces of fabric.
    Please don't worry too much about including me in the give away draw as postage is very expensive to the New Zealand.
    Many ahpies, Alison.

  24. Whoops - just spotted several spelling mistakes in my comment but it was too late! That should read 'many happies'!

  25. Happy Blogiversary! Love all the bargains you've found lately, especially the lovely pillowcases. I'm so unlucky with charity shops that I've almost given up looking. I kind of have two favourite colours that I use all the time, blue and red. I have lots of favourite objects, but my lovely blue and white Cornishware bits and my red enamel collection are some of my favourite things.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend in Southwold. The sun definitely was shining in Oxfordshire so I hope it was for you too.

  26. Very pretty textiles and yummy-looking cupcake! I'm planning my first blog anniversary, too, but not sure what to give away yet.
    -- michele

  27. Congratulations on your blogaversery! You had some super finds at the market & shop this week.

    I have quite a few favourite colours, but I suppose my top favourite is blue - my current favourite thing must be the walls in our spare bedroom that we've just painted in a lovely shade of duck egg blue...oh & my new Cath Kidston tablecloth!

    Good luck with your veg too - nothing tastes better than homegrown


  28. Hi Just back from France and catching up Congrats on your year blogging Does the time fly by!! You got some lovely stuff in the charity shops I havent found anything much lately. My fav colour is green I love all shades of it! Have a great time in southwold we visited there last year

  29. You have such a beautiful blog! I love pink! I have a favorite pink bag with little cupcakes on it. So dainty and girlie. Love it! I love my warm pink house slippers. They keep my feet so warm! I don't know where I would be without my pink thermos. I heart pink!


  30. Happy Blogging birthday to you, that chocolate cup cake is making me hungry! Wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm moving our blog to:

    hope to see you there.

  31. hey, thanks for visiting my blog and a VERY happy blogoversary to you (if a bit late...sorry!) your blog is lovely...I look forward to cming back and reading more

    good luck with the veg patch and southwold is one of my fav places to visit too!


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