Monday, 30 June 2008

Seaside love

It's been a while but I have finally got round to uploading my photos of southwold, unfortunately about half are missing. I took them using my mum's camera, (because the battery pack in mine isn't holding it's charge anymore, and is always switching off) but when I put the SD card back into mine when I got home, they seemed to have disappeared, and they aren't on my mum's camera either.

I have finally given in to getting a new camera, so after a bit of blog and review reading, I have made my choice, and hopefully it is winging it's way to me as we speak, yippie!

But in the meantime here are some lovely beachy pictures from beautiful southwold....

I loved this one, someone had their children (or grandchildren) waving from a window painted on the wooden shutters of theirs.

We couldn't keep Ella out of the sea, although she never went in deeper than bottom level, we all had a paddle too, But Danny won the award for bravery (or stupidity) and had a rather chilly evening swim after too many pints of Broadside in the Nelson!

These are my lovely things that I brought home with me, some lovely stripey towels in pink/white and blue/white, two new baskets, the shopper was £11 and Dad bought me the lovely green one (such a lovely shade of green) for my vegetable patch (it's available online from Garden Trading if you fallen it love with it like I did and at a reasonable £13.50)

I couldn't resist this pretty rose enamel basin, although I'm struggling to find a place or use for it, as Danny keeps reminding me.

and here are some beach finds, (apart from the shell) a piece of wood, painted a pretty shade of pale blue, two stones with a hole right through, they are supposed to be lucky so I'm told......

as well as these lovely weathered bricks, they crop up all over the beach, I wonder where they came from, and what they used to be?

In keeping with this post's seaside theme, I've recently discovered a lovely new blog called driftwood shack, so if your hankering after some more seaside love, pop over and say hi.

Finally, thank you to all of you that have entered my blogiversary giveaway, I will be announcing the winner on friday, but remember, everyone who entered is a runner up and gets a little present so please email your addresses via the link on my 'about me' profile, so I can start sending your little packages!


  1. Hey Jess, thanks for the plug you sweet thing- Southwold looks just lovely and that green basket is so cute! And there is always a place for pretty bowls even if they are just piled up with other pretty bowls!

  2. What a great minibreak! Theres just so much to photograph at the beach isn't there! We just went to mersea and I forgot to pack my Camera- what a nightmare! But we brought home some lovely lobsters from the company shed- very nice!

  3. Hi Jess,

    I love these pics from the seaside! We often all jet off to exotic locations which, of course, have their merit, but there is a lot of beauty on our coasts as well, especially when the weather is clear as your snaps demonstrate!

    I have been reading your blog for a while and would like to add that you so remind me of my dad; nothing gets thrown away, there is so much joy in re-doing and salvaging and re-inventing! I wish I were blessed with the same amount of patience as you two.

    Come and visit sometimes; I started blogging in January and write about my animals, knitting, crocheting and, crucially, about food as well! I heard about you originally via French Knots, who is one of my knitting friends.

    All the best,


  4. I just discovered Driftwood Shack too. Lovely blog. Looks like you had gorgeous weather in Southwold. I've always wanted to go there. The beach huts are gorgeous. Always wanted a beach hut too! Love all the things you bought and found. Love the way those bricks are all rounded and smooth from being in the sea. I'll email my address now for the runner up prize.

  5. I love Southwold...there is nothing nicer than an old English seaside town that has been looked after and loved. All your new buys are hub always reminds me that I am cluttering the place up!
    Carol x

  6. Southwold looks such an inviting place! I adore the beach huts,especially the one with the pictures.

  7. Hello Jess,
    Lovely photos sweetie, I love the seaside and thnaks for the new Driftwood shack blog, it's amazing.
    Looking forward to seeing who's wins.

    Catherine x

  8. What a fabulous day Jess, it looks idyllic. I love the beach hut witht hechildren's faces paitned on, how sweet. My mum and dad love Southwold, I must take our boys there soem day,

    I am coveting your garden trading basket Jess! With any luck I'll be picking some of my own flowers soon and that'd be the perfect thing to collect them in.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Hi Jess the photos of southwold look fantastic..what a lovely looking your new buys too..the bowl is gorgeous!

  10. Southwold is on our list of places to visit, and it looks like it will be worth the trip! I have the same basket - I love the colour, and I use mine to store all my everyday napkins and tablecloths. Your photos look great, and the hut with the painting of the little boys waving is just adorable.
    Cathy XX

  11. these have to be the sweetest beach huts I have seen


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