Thursday, 5 June 2008

four years ago.....

Danny and I got married, it was a very 'homemade' wedding, I made the invitations, Mum and I bought and arranged the flowers the day before the wedding (luckily the man had plenty of Peonies), the food was a typically English buffet, with coronation chicken, plenty of salads, cold beef and ham, salmon, strawberries, meringues, cream, and chocolate torte all made by myself, mum, my sister, my grandmother and Danny's brother.

Phillippa made us a gorgeous wedding cake similar to one I had seen in a magazine, with beautifully made pink sugar roses in between the layers (I shall have to find a photo). We had the reception in the evening in a marquee in Mum and Dad's garden decorated with fairy lights and plenty of tea lights inside and out and the luckily although it had rained a couple of days before, we had lovely weather.

I'm so glad that I chose Peonies for the flowers, because they are only really around for June, and so it's always just before our anniversary that I see them in the florists, and I can't resist buying a bunch!

The only thing I regret about our 'homespun' wedding is that we didn't get a proper photographer. Although everyone took photo's at the wedding, and gave them to us, with all the commotion getting everything ready in the marquee before everyone arrived we forgot to take photos of everything laid out beautifully before it had been 'trashed'

I love this photo of Ella at our feet, see was six months old when we got married and I was still breast feeding her! She slept throughout the evening reception, but when we got back to the hotel she wouldn't go back to sleep, so she kept us up all night. At 6 in the morning Danny got up and took her to his mum's who lived round the corner just so we could get some sleep!

This was taken at the reception towards the end of night after plenty to drink and lots of dancing looking slightly dishevelled. I think it was one of the rare points that night that we were together, we spent so much time making sure we spoke to everyone there and thanked them for coming and for bringing presents, that the evening went so quickly!
So to anyone reading this who helped out with our day, thank you so much, it was such a lovely party, and we couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Huge congrats! You looked very pretty on your big day.
    I have only been married for just over a year so four whole years seems a long way off yet!

  2. happy anniversary jessica!
    our 4th is next thurs...and we had peonies too so i'm very much with you on the big pink blooms love : )
    it's so nice to have the whole family involved in creating your special day. yours looked like a wonderful occasion! xxx

  3. Very happy anniversary Jess and hubby.
    Your wedding sounds just beautiful and the most fabulous day ever.
    And a gorgeous little bridesmaid as well what more could you of asked for. Hoe you find somemore photos I'd love to see the cake and marqee.
    Many hugs.
    Catherine x

  4. Happy Anniversary. Your wedding is so similiar to mine, home-done, we had a marque on my parents lawn, similiar food, I did the invites and family all decorated, lots of candles etc, and yes, no professional photographer, my one regret also! Rachael

  5. Hi Jess, your wedding day sounds perfect, we had a similar type of wedding with the reception at our house - hubby built a conservatory in less than a week so we could get everyone in - our was on 23 December though, so no peonies for me! - Natalie x

  6. As an official guest and cake maker I can definately confirm this wedding did not look handmade at all it looked extremely expensive and was also quite a scream- Happy anniversary Danny & Jess, you know you have to throw a huge party for your 5th...........can we do it all over again?

  7. congratulations! your pictures are beautiful
    : )

  8. Jess you day sounds just how I would do mine if we did it all over again. Sounds fab, straight out of Country Living. Love the picture of you and Danny, what a radiant bride - and Ella looks adorable. My sister got married two days after our anniversary and we bridesmaids had pink peony bouquets, they're stunning. Happy Anniversary - did you get to do anything nice?

  9. Happy Anniversay Jessica and Hubby.
    Your wedding sounds lovely - I love a wedding!
    Your photos are beautiful! Ella looks so very cute must be very proud of her.
    Carol xx

  10. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Sounds like a gorgeous Wedding. I think the home made sort are definitely the best. So much more personal. And peonies are a great choice. Mine are just blooming in my garden and I can't stop admiring them.

  11. Lovely memories and the homespun makes it all the more romantic. Peonies are jsut beautiful, my fav. flower...

  12. belated happy anniversary!!!! I love 'home made' wedding, I think they are so much more beautiful than a normal one in some faceless hotel. And peonies are my favourite flower, although mine don't seem to be anywhere near blooming yet in the garden...plenty of buds though.

  13. Sounds like a lovely wedding -I think more & more people are going for a more simple relaxed day instead of being terribly formal. Congrats to both of you on your anniversary!

  14. congratulations! and what alovely home you have all your photos look so pretty!

  15. I was here, in fact i was the one and only bridesmaid (thanks jess), and i can confirm that this was some gooooooooooooooood shindiggery.

    hello jessie. thanks for setting up my blog.

    from your loving sister


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