Sunday, 24 June 2007

Picnic at Southwold

Last wednesday, there seemed to be a gap in the copious amounts of rain we have been having, so Ella, Liberty (my sister) and I decided to visit Mum and Dad, who were staying at the Swan Hotel in Southwold, for a picnic on the beach.

Which meant I got to use my lovely pincic set that I got for my birthday, as well as my blue polka-dot wind-break that I made last winter (I think I was pining for summer hols!) that has been patiently sitting in my workroom, waiting for it's first outing.

The weather held out, the sun shone, and Ella paddled in the sea with mum, we browsed the lovely shops, and walked the Pier, and it was a relatively stress-free picnic. I say relatively stress free, the only incident was when we arrived ready to set up camp.

Dad and Libs had gone to get some more food from the deli, and the wind had picked up, Ella was wingeing because she was 'hungry', it was 'too windy' and the sand and her hair was in her face, so we gave her a packet of crisps, tied her her up in a ponytail and I managed to produce a menage of hairclips to hold down the rogue ringlets that refused to stay out of the way, simultaneously Mum and I where stuggling to get the wind-break up in the sudden blustery weather (mum holding, and me banging into the sand with a rock, mum saying she didn't think it would stay up because the sand was too dry and it was too windy, and me gritting my teeth not giving up- it will bloody stay up!) but eventually persistance paid off and the wind-break went up, stayed up, and worked, it was lovely and snuggly behind it and Ella stopped wingeing and Libby and Dad arrived with food and wine...........................and relax! (does any of this sound familar?)

This wednesday evening I'm am going to the Royal Albert Hall with Libs, and M+D - courtesy of Dad - to see Smokey Robinson live, I didn't know he was still alive, let's hope he gets through the concert! I will let you know how it goes :) Meanwhile see here for some funky dancing from the Miracles.


  1. Hello,
    I love the wind breaker you made, the fabric is gorgeous. I completely understand the whole picnic thing, my little girl is the same age as yours,(she too is called Ella) so I know how you feel, well done for trying though we have yet to brave the sea side, much to Ella's disappointment but we just cant face the beech when its raining. Love your blog. I will be back soon:)

  2. Ooh I just found your blog through Nesty and I love love love it! Will definitely be back for more peeks into your lovely crafty world.

  3. Look at all that gorgeous picnic stuff, I'd be ashamed to sit next to you on the beach with our motley assortment of stuff!

    I'll be adding you to my list!!

    Julia x

  4. Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting my blog, I love yours and have added it to my favorites. Looking forward to more! Your windbreak is gorg....instructions would be great ....only if you have time :)


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  6. I just found your lovely blog by searching for Nissan Figaros ! I love them too and am hoping to find a baby blue one. I love your pictures of the candy coloured beach huts, it looks like a wonderful place for a day out.


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