Thursday, 14 June 2007

Yesterday evening was beautiful.....

and after collecting Ella from nursery and picking up so milk from the village shop, it was still warm, so we went for a lovely walk with Lily through a field near by, the grass was nearly as tall as me, and Lily thundered through the long grass which sent the pollen flying visibly through the air like little puffs of dust, I seemed to be holding up well, given that I suffer from hayfever, but I should have really taken some tablets, cause as soon as we turned to make our way home for dinner, it all caught up with me, and I sneezed non-stop all the way back, which is really not easy to cope with when you have a dog in one hand and a 3yr-old in the other trying to make your way along a narrow pavment on a B road!

Anyway, shortly after the sneezing subsided, I had managed to sort out dinner, and was just sitting down to a nice cold glass of sparkling wine, when there was a surge in the electricity and then an almighty roll of thunder. I dashed out in the garden, collected all the chair cushions, managed to pull the day-bed into the out-house, and ripped off the washing from the line just before the heavens opened, and it pelted it down.

This morning I went out to survey the damage (I say damage, cause this time last year I came home from work after we'd had a thunder storm and gallons of rain, to discover that my window box full of red ivy geraniums, that had been in full bloom when I had left them that morning, had got so top heavy with rain, that they had flipped off the window sill and on to the ground, and all the stems had boken, and that my one peonie bloom [one, because some child, that shall remain nameless, had broken off several buds previously] that had only open two days ago, had been massacared, its mass of apple blossom petals in a pile on the ground!) but to my delight everything had survived, and looked beautiful with little droplets of rain sitting prettily on everything. So lovely that I decided to take some pictures to show you.....

Now today I have to decide what to cook for dinner on sunday, has I have invited Mum, Dad, sister Libby, and my Brother William (doubt he'll turn up though) for Father's Day/Mum's Birthday lunch. Any Idea's for a summery menu? I'll have a look in CL and Sainsburys magazine for inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for visiting, now I have another blog to add to my list!

    I shall definitely be back, love all the things you've made and what a totally gorgeous little girl you have!

    See you soon

    Julia x


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