Monday, 18 June 2007

Just about recovered.....

So it's 8.30 on monday evening and Danny and Ella are sparko on the sofa, so I can leave a quick post without Danny looking over my shoulder and teasing me about being addicted to the interweb (this coming from the man who comes home from work and sits down at my beautiful iBook [see picture below], to spend the next hour on YouTube!).

Father's Day/Mum's Birthday lunch went well, in the end I made some lovely asparagus tarts (sainsburys calendar) for the starter, and slow roast lamb, cous cous and harissa (sainsbury's magazine) which was very yummy, and looked really impressive with the lamb shredded and piled over the cous-cous on a huge platter with a sugar snap and pea salad (unfortunatley I forgot to take a photo before it got demolished, and it didn't look quite so impressive half eaten). I cheated a bit and bought the pudding - cherry frangipane, but I don't have to cook everything, do I?

Lot's of wine was consumed, and then after everyone left, and in our merry state, Danny, Ella and I meandered down to our local pub, for more drinks! God aren't we terrible parents!!

So this morning I was feeling a bit worse for wear, and I don't know how Danny managed to leave for work at 5.45am (I heard the door slam, I wasn't up!) because I struggled to get me and Ella out the door for nursery at 8.15am.

Although I forgot to take a picture of the food, I did remember to take some pictures of the table before everyone arrived (I'm starting to get funny looks from Dan, taking pictures of everything!) and I got to use my very new, very expensive cutlery that mum and dad bought me for my birthday, It's called 'Maisy' and it's from habitat, it's etched with a very pretty design.

Oh, and Ella found this snail in the garden, and fell in love with him because he was yellow, and it took all my strength not to fling it over the garden fence into the field, but instead, to put him gently on the outhouse wall, only for him to probably munch through my rubarb later on. Oh, what we do for our children!

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