Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Hair today, gone tommorrow

Yesterday, Ella did something very naughty, imagine my sheer horror to walk in the living room and find her on the floor, surrounded by this....

While I was working in the the other room, she had decided that she wanted a haircut, and used my sewing scissors to hack all her beautiful blonde locks off, and I mean hack, look at this.....

When I rang my husband up in tears, he said he thought that I was going to tell him that Ella had had a terrible accident!
I suppose it's not the end of the world, like he said, well, I know it's not really, but she had such beautiful hair, even strangers quite often used to tell me when we were out together.

(picture of my Dad with Ella before the chop)

I know most children do it at sometime or other, I cut my fringe when I was 5 - rather wonkerly, and my neighbour's daughter cut a bit off the side of her hair, but nothing as severe as this! It's going to be at least a year before it gets back to any thing remotely pretty, I know I sounds a bit shallow, I shouldn't really be encouraging my child that her appearance is that important.

I think secretly she is quite pleased with herself, because now she is going to the hairdressers (which she has been pestering me to go to for the last couple of weeks) and she now has her hair short like a boy (which she keeps saying that she wants as well) Ella-2 Me-nil.
At the moment, having calmed down from my initial rage, and then bursting in tears every half hour or so last night, I'm am now feeling very cross, very sad, and also the inevitable mother's guilt that if I was paying her more attention, instead of working, that it might of never happened.
I suppose I better buy so pretty hats, and hair slides and clips so that she doesn't get mistaken for a boy in drag!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    just to say I love your blog. I hope you are ok, I guess it was quite a shock to walk into the room and see the hair on the floor. I bet you will brilliant at finding lots of pretty girly clips and she will look lovely as she is gorgeous anyway. Dont feel guilty sometimes, things are out of our control and they happen. My little boy broke his arm when he was on a slide and I felt so terrible and i was bursting into tears and I blamed myself . In the end I didnt. Also my little boy gave his friend a haircut in the bathroom, I was mortified that I had to take someone elses child home with clumps of hair missing. They locked themselves in the bathroom and did it. It was worse as my boys hair was untouched so he was the edward scissor hands. It wont take long to grow back, like i say dont feel bad, children will at least once try this.

    X Dominique

  2. Grace once cut a huge chunk out of a little boy's fairly long hair which was quite embarrassing - she obviously thought it was due a good cut! My mum used to do ours with really really short fringes, but it always grew out. You can't watch them all the time, and part of being kids is trying these things. I'm sure she's still a cutie even with short hair.
    Cathy XX

  3. Oh no! All her pretty hair! My daughter had a go at her fringe once so she ended up with it about an inch long....the only consolation is that at least hair grows back!

  4. OMG! What a shocker!

    Ella still looks adorable though with her punky-do : ) and with her elfin crop she'll be way too pretty to look like a boy!

    i'm just wondering how i'm going to explain to my hairdresser the fringe i cut myself on whim a few weeks ago! see...people can be naughty with scissors in their 30s too! xxx

  5. Hey how about getting her one of those horrid girls world heads and let her cut thats hair instead? or even better make a long haired rag doll that she can plait the hair on-Or try getting Danny to watch womens football hasnt Kelly Smith got long blond hair? That might convince her long is cute!

  6. oh and please can we see the new cut too?

  7. Oh Do you know that my daughter did the same with hers, with a pair of childrens paper scissors and also all the cats whiskers off when I thought she was cutting bits of paper!! Children do these things and worse sometimes. It will grow back Sarahs did and it was much thicker when it did She had to have hers cut by the hairdresser as well.

  8. Oh Jess I really feel for you! Hopefully it won't take quite so long to grow back but not such a consolation when all you can think about us what's gone. Wait 'til she's 16 and she dyes it all the colours of the rainbow too. Blimey. Hope you treate dyourslef to something nice for the shock - cake, wine, anything! Bless her, kids eh?! She'll loo beautiful with a pixie cut too.

  9. Whoops I recall something similar happening here when the kids were little.

  10. Oh, my goodness...All those lovely locks. Such a good thing hair does grow back! Guess she'll be sporting the sweet pixie look for Halloween and beyond for a bit? Happy Days ((HUGS))

  11. Oh Jess,
    I completely know how you feel and I would of done the same, my Ella has beautiful long blond hair too.
    I know so many children who have done this but it must be so sad when it's your own. She is such a pretty little girl that I'm sure she will carry of the cute crop look, hopefully you will be able to keep some length to the front for clips etc. You must show us a picture of her hair after the hairdressers.

  12. Awww honey, I'm so sorry. She is just beautiful and I am sure with the new hairclips, she will look even prettier.
    As you know I have two little girls and I hope they never get hold of my scissors. I can just see myself being as upset as you.
    Chin up sweetie, it will grow back.


    Catherine x

  13. the girl seems to know what she likes and going to the hair dresser was it.
    she gave you fair warning and I think you ought respect her choice for very cute short hair. mine is 2 inches long all over and I love it too..its just hair it will grow back , perhaps it bothers her play time or is uncomfortable..

  14. Whoops,I think most children do this once.My son chopped off a bit last week because it was sticking up,and he's 13!Honestly!

  15. Oh dear, I can see why you were shocked and upset. But it will grow back, and I'm sure once the hairdresser has tidied it up it won't look so drastic, and she will still look just as cute with short hair. She definitely won't look like a boy.

  16. Hi Jessica

    My daughter hid behind the sofa and cut her hair when she was about 3 or 4. Luckily I caught her before anything too drastic had taken place - she had tight ringlets and one or two less didn't notice too much!

    Lovely posts - must visit more often!


  17. My son is growing his hair now and it is quite long but you can still see that he´s a boy! But, in school he has a friend who is really girly but doesn´t seem to care. According to my son he was teased in the beginning but he seemed not to care. That´s amazingly strong because we all know about group preasure.
    The other day, I saw this boy in school when picking up my son and I could hardly believe my eyes! I haven´t seen him for a long time now and he was not recognizable! The most beautiful long and curly hair you can emagine! Not only that it was extremely long (all the way passing his bum!), it was so girly! A fantastic cascade of blond wavy hair embedded him and on top of that, he wore a girl´s coat! Yes, he was very sweet and he seemed all happy about it! The girls around him cued to comb his hair - I guess they envied him!
    But, as I said, very, very brave of him to withstand all the looks from others just to be himself!

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