Thursday, 25 October 2007

Seasonal Delights

Sorry I haven't been quite update with all of you and your blogs, I'm very busy at the moment, and knee deep in silk curtains, and I can't see an end in sight. I know I said I'd have a giveaway this week, but I haven't finished the prize yet, so can I beg your forgiveness, and ask for an extention please!

I think it's time to come out in the open with what else I'm doing too. Having been inspired by all your wonderful online shops, I have decided to start my own, I've started designing one myself using a very simple online programme, but although it says it has a checkout facility it only works with paypal, and isn't quite what I need, so can I ask if anyone knows of a good, relatively easy, web design prgramme that's Mac compatible, or does anyone know of a reasonably priced web design service?

I will be selling vintage collectables including kitchenalia, eiderdowns, pressed glass, jewellery and bags, alongside vintage inspired gifts handmade by me. Hopefully, this weekend I will be taking photo's of all the stock I've collected and maybe give you a peek next week.

The other weekend, I bought these little beauties from an lady selling her home grown vegetables, completely un-edible, but very pretty.

and in sainsburys whilst picking up a butternut squash, and a festive pumpkin, I came across these cuties, called 'baby munchkin pumpkins' I had to buy them, if just for their name!

Do you think they would be nice stuffed with something and roasted whole? Any recipes you can direct me to?

Yesterday Mum came over to keep an eye on Ella so I could get some uninterrupted work done, and she came bearing a gift, this cute little shelf...

Aren't I lucky! She also walked the dog, paired up all the socks, did some ironing and hung up all the washing! Thanks Mummy xx

This is the Lene Bjerre Oilcloth I bought to make my grandmother a garden kneeler from, I used a little bit to cover a new diary for next year.

I found these pretty Delphiniums at the local market yesterday, I love their vivid blue colour, don't think they're very seasonal though.

Guess what I'm getting for christmas........

I'm so pleased, and am glad it's going to be a gift, because I'm not sure I could justify spending that much on myself in one go!
I know that Steph is lusting after the 'Washed Roses' design but at a huge £200 from the Cath Kidston website, it's just too expensive. But, after some research I happened across this uk based website, Home Vision, that sells the 'Birds' and 'Red Stars' designs for £163.99 and the new 'Washed Roses' for £169.99 with £4.99 p&p which finally convinced me to get one.


  1. Oh you are baaaaaaaaaaad Jess! £169 is much more reasonable and I'm so tempted to splash out on the "we do not use this ok wife" credit card! I am hopeless at resisting temptation. The only thing stopping me is that we've had to pay another £300 out on tyres and brakes on our second car - £650 on cars, in a week - gulp. If I bought one Woody would definitely divorce me! Oh but they're soooooooo lovely aren't they. Instead I am going to save my pennies to blow in your online shop which I'm thrilled to hear you're opening. You've got such fab taste I'm sure you can put me down as first customer. I've got a Paypal account already which is great news, really looking forward to what you're going to be selling.
    Very best of luck
    Stephx (love the oilcloth diary btw)

  2. Love all the pumpkins & gourds! Those mini pumpkins are great with a wild rice/dried fruit stuffing and baked--yuum! I'm just back from a two week holiday--super to see what you've been up to and sharing here. Love that radio and all the other lovliness in this post. Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

  3. I've been trying to launch an online shop - it's pretty hard I think! At least for someone with my paltry technical skills :) Looking forward to seeing yours up and running.
    Love the radio, what a treat!

  4. Well done on getting going with a website - I can't wait to see it when it is done. I love those gourds - really great all together.
    Cathy X

  5. Great that you found a bargin shop and left us a link....I will go and have look too.
    Well done setting up the shop.
    I do know a web designer but he is probably quite expensive but I guess we all have different ideas on what we call reasonable - you can email me if you want more info.
    I would like to set up a shop, I did try selling on ebay but gave up !
    What would we do without Mum's. Sounds as though you have a super Mum.

  6. Ive just found out that I have bought this radio!

  7. Hi Jess,

    I love that radio! I wish that they were available here, but they wouldn't work...

    How pretty those delphiniums look ~ their blue is so refreshing.

    Good luck with your Etsy shop.

    Marie x

  8. The radio is lovely, and I think I will have to continue to drool at them for a while yet! Pity the squashes aren't edible - I would love to see what they could be made into!

  9. What beautiful pumpkins and gourds! I applaud your shop endeavors. Don't give up and don't settle. It'll be fabulous!

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing your new shop. I bought the same little pumpkins from Sainsburys too! They just look so pretty.

  11. How are you doing with your online shop? Did you find a reasonable web design service? I use PayPal for my site (simple own design), have you found any better method? P.S I like your blog site. Regards Karen

  12. How are you doing with your online shop? Did you find a reasonable web design service? I use PayPal for my site (simple own design), have you found any better method? P.S I like your blog site. Regards Karen


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