Monday, 8 October 2007

Partytime and fun at the farm!

Ok, so here it goes, as promised, some nice pictures after I shocked you all with the spider close-ups. Pictures of birthday bunting, cupcakes, presents and farm animals all here, so I'm preparing myself for a major photo uploading session armed with a pint of tea, and a birthday cupcake.

So here's the joint effort bunting, I thought it was really pretty, but Danny wasn't impressed when he got in from work on friday, obviously not manly enough for him.

The little door outside the window is the outhouse, that actually takes up most of the garden.

As I mentioned before, I decided to cop out of making cupcakes this year after I saw these in sainsburys, only 99p for 4!

These are some of my favourite presents that Ella got, I found this iron board for ella for £2 at a car boot, and made a new cover for it, because the original one was yellow with lime green spots. The cute vintage style toy iron is from Lapin & Me.

After umming and ahhing, over one of these very expensive toy kitchens, I happened apon this little cutie, from the ELC that folds away, and was only £24 (with my 20% online discount voucher) much more sensible I think!

these cute handmade felt biscuits....

Along with lots of other bits and pieces, Mum and Dad bought Ella these gorgeous boots from the Monsoon Sale Shop in Bicester, I nearly bought her them last autumn, full price, but they got them for only £12, bargain!
I must admit that from these photos, it looks like my daughter is only given girly toys to play with, but she also got some football goals for the garden, it just they don't look quite as pretty.

Anyway, after we all had lunch, then we headed off to Boydells Dairy Farm.

This little one was so keen to gobble up the food that the kids are given, he got stuck trying to wriggle out of the pen

This is Hazel a Red Pole calf

and Milo the Donkey, she's the grand old age of 23! Aren't donkeys lovely

During the summer it can sometimes be a bit crowded, but they close to the public after september, so we had the farm to ourselves. As you can see, the farm was very hands-on for the children, which makes it really fun for them, they also got to have a ride on a donkey and cart, milk a cow, and watch the sheep being milked (the farm makes cheese from ewes milk which is sold in Waitrose) but I haven't put the pictures up because I haven't got permission from all the parents.

So a good time was had by all, hope I haven't bored you all too much. x


  1. What a super birthday! The bunting looks so pretty & festive & the cup cake stand is inspired! Loved all the photos - thanks for sharing.

  2. Sweet post, what a lovely birthday...
    Suzie Sews

  3. Hi, thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my post, I just had to poop over and have a look at yours and I'm so glad I did. What a lovly day you and your family had and such goreous presents. My two little ones have the elc wooden range but not the new items just yet. The grandparents are waiting for Christmas lol
    I just love the cupcakes and woolie biscuits. And the photo of the donkey well what more can I say Awww!
    Nice to meet you and will be back soon.
    Catherine x

  4. Your house looks so beautiful and feminine - I have a house full of boys. your bunting looks delicious.

    Your little Ella is so pretty along with all the cupcakes - did they taste good too?

    Happy Birthday Ella!!

  5. LOL! Loved all your pictures in your post. The cupcakes are lovely, the farm animals so cute (especially that donkey!), and what a cute mini kitchen.

  6. Looks like it was a great birthday Love the bunting

  7. Those cakes look good.....I need a cup of tea now and one of your cakes would go down nicely!
    Love your Blogg.

  8. Jess....I found a spiced plum chutney recipe in my preserves book - do you want it?

  9. I too have discovered that men don't do bunting - especially when you're the oly woman in the house! Fortunately Barney loves our Laura Ashley floral stuff and since the disapproving looks I've acquired some nautical White Co bunting which has gone down lots better. What a fantastic birthday and really happy little girl you've got. Love the felt biscuits. Wooden toys are just great aren't they. We got a bargain toy shop in Tchibo last Christmas and its the best thing Barney has ever had, its been everythign from a garage to a library and all sorts in between, £60 instead of the usual £250 elsewhere! We all love it and its red gingham shelves are a girly bonus for me!
    Off to Sainsbury's to eye up some of those cupcakes for Hallowe'en.

  10. Looks like you all had a super time! The bunting looks lovely, very pretty. I really like the stand you have for displaying the cupcakes, I'll have to keep my eye out for one of those.

  11. Sounds like a lovely day. I love the kitchen, and your bunting looks fab.
    Cathy X

  12. What a lovely birthday - everything looks so pretty.

    Love the boots!

  13. Looks a fab party, bring on the bunting I say!

    The Featherdown farm holiday was one of the best holidays ever, you have to go!

    Julia x

  14. Just wanted to pop by and say a big THANK YOU for including me in your post - it was such a nice suprise and I am glad to see the cookies were well received!

  15. What a wonderful occasion I'm sure Ella enjoyed her special day.

  16. Hi Jess,
    Looks like Ella had a fantastic birthday and got lots of lovely presents! She really has changed from your other picture on your blog, my Ella is just the same, starting to loose that toddler look. Your pictures were lovely!

  17. How lovely! I would love a party with bunting, cupcakes and pretty presents in gorgeous colours. What a lucky girl having such a lovely mummy. I have just found your blog and can't resist the pictures of Lily as she like a blonde version of my darling black Lab Miss Poppy. Lily's black puppies reminded me of her when I first got her. And what a delicious donkey at the farm!

  18. Nice of you to visit me....I am just taking a little break from cooking and had the time to go way back in your blog.......those eider downs are wonderful, I love both of them. I will have to check out ebay again, in the past all the ones that I have seen have looked a little dull, but you have managed to find two beauties {"-"}
    Carol x

  19. Hi Vanessa
    In answer to your question we went to Boswarthen near Penzance.
    We're going to go again next year in the May half term. I agree that going outside the summer months is much cosier!
    Julia x

  20. What a perfect Birthday for a lovely little girl...or a big one come to that:)

  21. I just adore those pretty pink boots! And the bunting looks very jolly indeed, as does the ironing board with the pretty floral cover. The cupcakes look yummy too and the felt biscuits almost edible.

  22. What a wonderful birthday and such gorgeous presents. You did a great job!

    Marie x

  23. I love your interest in vintage and how you manage to find all these items from various places.

    The bunting looks great, it looks vintage in a contemporary style way. Keep up the good work, there's not many on the Internet that have a passion such as yours, and pull it off so well.


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