Thursday, 8 November 2007

the new 'do'

Thanks for all of your supportive comments on my last post, so as requested, here some pictures of the new haircut which I took last wednesday, but haven't got round to uploading till now.

Talk about poser, look at these...

It doesn't look too bad, but it needs a little more 'styling' in the morning and through out the day, than we are both used too. The hairdresser changed the side of her parting to cover the hack job slightly while it grows back, but because of her cows-lick the hair doesn't like to stay in it's new place for too long!

Anyway I had a great weekend last weekend which I shall tell you more about after I've done some work, but in the meantime I will leave you with my Mum's lastest painting which I love. Along with my brother and sister, I bought her the jug a couple of years ago for mother's day. Let me know if you like it as much as me, I'm sure she would appreciate the feedback.


  1. Hi Jess,well I ythink you and the haidresser have done a grand job. Very pretty. Ella's certainly looking very grown up and the side parting is adorable (I have cow licks too and I'm very envious you can get E's to obey even a bit!) Before you know it her hair will be past her ears and on the way down again. Beautiful clip too!
    I absolutley love your mum's picture. Both my parents paint but I haven't inherited the talent at all. Mum hasn't done it for a long time but she used to specialise in floral water colours. Please tell you mum I think its stunning, do you get to keep it? One day I will just have to snaffle my mum's poppies painting!
    Take care

  2. I think the new hair cut is very stylish and no doubt will grow quickly. What is better then putting cute clips in little girls hair?!

  3. Like the hair and the painting is great

  4. The hairdresser made a lovely job,very pretty!Love the painting too!

  5. Hi Jess, Well she looks beautiful you'd never know what she has done to herself.
    She looks very pleased with how her new hair looks, what a cheeky little
    The picture and jug are just lovely.
    Catherine x

  6. The new haircut looks very sweet. Especially with the pretty hair clip. It'll soon grow back.
    Really love the painting and the jug too.

  7. Great hair do! It looks lovely.Isn't it amazing what a quailfied hairdresser can do compared to a youngster?

  8. Oh, soooo her in that pixie 'do! Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  9. That's a very chic hair style!

    The painting is super & what a lovely jug too.

  10. Ella looks really cute, the little glittery hair grip makes her look really girly too!

    Lovely pic of your mums, and I love that jug, what a great gift.

    Jennifer x

  11. Hey Jess Im attempting a comment!
    I hardly recognice Ella - she looks so grown up with her new "do"
    Thanks for all the nice comments about the paintings from your fellow bloggers
    From your loving mother

  12. I love the painting - possibly because I have a thing for just AND nasturtiums!


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