Friday, 28 September 2007

Swap Goodies & Sunshine Soup

I've finally got some time to sit down and put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, and say a big thank you to Jo my Back 2 School Swap partner, because on wednesday morning I recieved this beautifully wrapped parcel of goodies all the way from Mexico.

inside was some cute folders with a matching notebook, a length of twine with lots of mini wooden pegs for me to make a little washing line of inspiration, some metallic gel pens, some lovely polka dot pocket tissues, and three cute little badges, which Ella has got her eye on! Thank you so much for all my lovely presents Jo, it was definately worth the wait, and lovely to meet you too!

This week I got a bee in my bonnet about the state of the garden (I started off this year with good intentions, and just before all that awful weather we had, every thing was looking beautiful but with all the rain, both the flowers, and me gave up). On monday afternoon things got a bit ugly, as I cut everything back to within an inch of it's life, and now the garden is looking a bit naked.

So I went off to the local nursery and bought some cyclamen and pansies for my window boxes, as the geraniums are going for their winter break at my grandmothers greenhouse (where they will be fed and watered and meet lots of other geraniums, and fushias belonging to various members of the family, who are all cared for by my grandmother over the winter months, I wish I could go!).
Now I have something pretty to look at when I gaze out of the window, while I'm reading all your lovely blogs, look!

I have to say that I have finally succumbed to putting the heating on, I have been good up to now, and last week was saying to my mother 'why have you got the heating on, just put on a jumper and some slippers' but this week the temperature has really dropped, and the other night it felt freezing, I think it's time to get the 9 tog duvet out and add it to the 4.5 tog one (I have to boast because I am the proud owner of an all seasons, goose down duvet, courtesy of my mother-in-law for our wedding present, and two 100% goose down pillows, so being in bed is like being enveloped in a marshmallow, so cosy!)

Unfortunately the boiler packed up last year (it's about 15 yrs old, and we really need a new one, because as soon as you fix one thing, another thing goes wrong) it still heats the water, but the central heating won't work, so last year we resorted to electric radiators, and I think we will have to do the same this year, until we can afford to stump up the £2000 we where quoted to install a new one!

Anyway keeping with the cosy theme, today I made Sunshine Soup, so called because it's made mostly from carrots, potatoes and butternut squash, and maybe some sweet potato if I've got any, and when all those lovely root vegetables are whizzed up in the blender it makes such a lovely yellowy-orange - hence the name.

I love homemade soup, chunky or smooth, there is just something really comforting, and warming about it, made with good healthy ingredients and love, you can just feel it doing you good, and it's always surprisingly filling. I was watching 'Rachel's favourite food at home' last weekend, a she did a chorizo and chickpea soup, and since I've got a tin of chickpeas and and some chorizo in the cupboard, I thought maybe I'd give it a bash over the weekend!


  1. ooo soup sounds delish (as jamie would say!) + it's so comforting in this horrid weather we've got. i've succumbed to the central heating too + have just been to put a match to our woodstove for the 1st time since about may...time to get out the thermals. quite nice in a way to think about new clothes to wear : )

    i'm so jealous of your duvet! reminds me to swap ours over too!

    love your swap package. it's a fun thing to do itsn't it?

    have a lovely weekend! xxx

  2. Hi Jess,
    That soup looks yummy. We have had to give in and put the heating on too, much to my disappointment. I cant believe it was really sunny and warm only a few weeks ago, Autumn has definitely arrived.

  3. jess, i´m so glad the parcel finally arrived, safe and sound!!! i love the pictures you took of it! it was so much fun!!!

    love the flowers :)

    have a good weekend!!!

  4. I am so glad that it is getting cooler so I can have loads of soups and stews. We have had our fire lit a few times already, and I too gave in with the heating yesterday. My garden has given up too this year (getting a puppy hasn't helped it much either!).
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend (enjoying the sunshine).
    Cathy X

  5. Hi Jess. What lovely cyclamen. I've been eyeing up some maroon ones going for a bargain in Morrisons but I'd been holding back as we're moving but you've inspired me to pot up a few planters and move them with us!
    I'll let you know my address as soon as we flit - thanks so much!
    Stephx (who has still got to make her Pay it Foward gifts, if I can find where I've packed my fabric?!)

  6. Hi. My name is Lara Berch. I have just launched a new website with step by step art tutorials. I was wondering if it's possible to exchange links with you.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  7. Hi Jess

    Isn't it wonderful to cosy up in bed cocooned in a duvet?

    What a lovely parcel from Jo.

    Marie x

  8. Hello Jess! How nice of you to visit my blog and thank you for your lovely comment. It is such a pleasure to find new blogs and to meet new bloggers. I have enjoyed my visit here and will surely come back.

  9. Beautiful flowers. Its still quite warm here in Georgia. I think it was 90F today.

  10. A friend of our had there boiler replaced by British Gas through the insurance program that British Gas run. It was all ligitimate and above board, basically they complained about the size of their gas bill and BG said that the boiler must be faulty and if they would sign up for this insurance someone would come out and inspect it and reapir or replace. Don't know if they still offer this but it might be worth checking into.

  11. Ive just had to boost the garden with cyclamin and pansies too, the weather destroyed everything here to...
    Did you get your soup bowl from ikea? if you did then I've got the same ones!:)

  12. Jess,

    You can catch the wave and SWAP SOUP.

    It's super easy, and a great way to share your big pots of soup with your pals who also have big pots of soup.

    We're planning on another crazy National Soup Swapping Day on January 23rd, but why wait? Call your friends, freeze some soup, and then go get some new soup that you did not cook. Woo hoo!


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