Wednesday, 19 September 2007

'So tired, tired of waiting, tied of waiting for youuuu...'

I'm listening to The Kinks, and this song is quite apt, because today I have to wait in for a courier, which I'm sure you've all had to do at some point, thankfully I have been given a time slot of 1pm-5pm but that co-incides with Ella's nursery drop-off and pick up time which is the same 1pm and 5pm, I managed to make it back from the drop-off without missing them, but I hope they don't leave it till 5pm on the dot to try and deliver, because I have to leave at 4.50.

It also means that I can't really do that much this afternoon, which could be nice, but means I feel a bit naughty, and the reason for this is (I don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them?) that several times, when I've been upstairs working, I have come downstairs to find that a 'phantom' courier has been and gone and left me a card saying 'we have tried to deliver, but you weren't in' which was a blatant lie, because I've been in all bloodly day waiting for them!!!!!!! Why does that happen, I'm not deaf, I have a doorbell, and a knocker, do they just not bother??? It is not even like a have a big house where I can't here the knocker, it's only a little 3 bed terrace.

This whole courier thing is because of my mobile phone, because in the last couple of days, it started to switch itself off randomly, which is annoying, because I don't realise that it's off till I go to look at the time, or make a call. So Orange are sending out a new one costing my £15 for delivery, but If I miss the delivery, then they charge me another £13 to re-deliver!

Anyway, I've finished ranting now, so while I'm waiting, doing nothing, I thought it might be a good opportunity to write a post, which I've had trouble fitting in my schedule recently. I have also sort of been waiting for my back 2 school swap to arrive so I can post a picture of what I sent Jo, which she recieved last weekend, and I what I got from her, but my parcel hasn't arrived yet (god-bless royal mail) But it is coming all the way from Mexico, so I haven't given up just yet.
So this is the photo that she took of the contents of her parcel.....

and I will post a pic of what I get soon.

I managed to get round to doing something on my ever-increasing list of 'things to do' yesterday, I re-covered two out of three cushions (yes, I know, more cushions) for our sofa in some fabric off cuts that Phillippa (Boss and sister-in-law) gave me, because they match my living room, and because she's so generous and kind...(are you reading this???)

The one in front is made from Kensington velvet flock in Duck Egg, with a Duck Egg Blue colour cotton velvet on the back and edged in pom poms, and the other one is in Rossini Stripe in Duck Egg made into a 'Oxford' style cover.

Shameless Plug: Both fabrics are available to be made up into curtains or blinds on Phillippa's soft furnishings website Zia Koko, along with a large selection of other fabrics, including Cath Kidston, Vannessa Arbuthnott, and Voyage.

While I'm mentioning the 'Things to do' list, last week I got to tick off no.109) Make Lily a new bed cushion. I had bought some denim a few months ago to make what I thought would be a durable, not show the dirt too much, cushion for the lovely dog bed that Mum made to fit the un-used fireplace in the dining room. So here are some shots of Lily enjoying the new cushion......

and here is what I caught her doing the day after I made it..........

As you can imagine, I was not best pleased! I have since been spraying the corners with lavender oil, so it is not so tasty.

Edited at 5.45pm: Guess what, the courier never came!


  1. I hate it when that happens. However, I missed a delivery today and the guy put his phone no on the card and came back later. It made my day! Lily looks so adorable in that bed. I think Bodie needs one like that. He has eaten the first bed I made him out of an old duvet with a nice flowery cover on it. They have no appreciation for the things we do for them do they?!
    I love your cushions - especially the flock one. It looks so tactile.

  2. I've just found your blog. I love to find new blogs! especially ones with so many yummy cushions!

    Your little girl is adorable, and your pooch looks so snuggly in her new bed.

    Victoria x

  3. aaaah, courier-rage, the curse of the ebay generation. Oh what gorgeous cushions, I must get around to making mine up.
    Hope you had chance for a quiet sit down and didn't feel too guilty and enjoyed it. With little ones the chance doesn't come along often does it? As my dad says, true sign of a good mum/dad - a half finished cuppa!

  4. Lovely cushions and my cats chew bedding if given the chance!

  5. I've waited in for couriers who then mysteriously day there was noone home. So annoying.

  6. Lily is a sweetie-pie!! Comfy cushion she's on and likes to chew--LOL! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

  7. Why is it that they can't give us a more specific time for deliveries? It drives me crazy too - you have to hang around all day & you can bet your last penny they'll turn up when you have to nip out to collect the children from school.

    Your dog looks so cosy with that comfy cushion - I bought my dogs a new one yesterday - I didn't make it as they were selling them very cheaply on the Saturday market at our local shopping centre. I don't like those with polystyrene pellets in as the pup chews through the fabric & they go everywhere. The new one has a liner filled with foam pieces which I hope will be better.

    Love the cushions too - great fabrics!

  8. Just found your blog. Love your work. Will be back soon.

  9. Beautiful cushions and a cute doggy.

  10. hi jess! how are you!? please tell me your back2school parcel has arrived... i´m so worried!

  11. ok Jess, I confess i read your blog just to see if my fabrics have gone to sleep on a shelf without reaching their destiny as beautiful cushions- i better not mention I'll have some Ian Mankin off cuts going spare soon.......Phillippa


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