Friday, 7 September 2007

Cushy Galore!

Yesterday, I got round to making a couple of new cushions for my Etsy shop, and a new one for me, aswell as updating an old favourite that my mum made when I was little.

This is the old cushion, I took it apart and added some pom-pom trim to the sides ( you can never have too many pom-poms!) It's a bit old and faded, but I love the birds and butterflies, and on the back it has these gorgeous peonies

after finishing that I caught the bug a bit and pulled out some remnants from the shelf, This one is made from a pretty oatmeal linen printed with tiny blue rosebuds, and some Cath Kidston 'Rose Bloom Blue' cotton with a pale blue pom pom trim (yes, I know, it managed to sneak in again!)

The next one is made from a pretty white linen fabric embroidered with a leaf design in two shades of blue which I think is Jane Churchill, but I'm not completely sure (let me know if you recognise it) and a plain white linen, trimmed with blue grosgrain ribbon.

The above two are now in my Etsy Shop for £17 each ($32) including a feather or polyfibre cushion pad, which ever you prefer.

Finally I made this little cushion out of an embroidered linen cloth that my mother-in-law gave me, backed with some white linen, and I'm using it as a lumbar support for my sewing chair, which is a large Lloyd Loom armchair, not really ideal for sewing, but I haven't found a nice old solid office chair to cover in pretty fabric yet, they all seem to be made from black plastic, and I want a metal one!

After that I did the weekly shop at sainsbury's and decided to treat my self to this little beauty from the bakery counter, which I don't normally do, but it looked so pretty!

And imagine my joy when it was given to me in this surprising pretty box! I was debating on whether to keep it or not, but some of the strawberry cream from the cake had got on the inside, so it went reluctantly in the recycling.

Anyway it's friday, so roll on the weekend, I hope you all have a good one! xxx


  1. All the new cushions are fantastic! I love your fabric/trim combinations--ball/pom-pom fringe is cheery stuff. Good for you for treating yourself to a sweet...And what a pretty box, pity it had to go in the recycle bin :o( Happy Weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

  2. The cushions are lovely - I love pom poms!

    Love Ax

  3. Wow! that is a pretty cake.

    I think i'm going to treat myself to one while doing the weekly shop!

    And the box is nice too!

    great cushions by the way!

  4. Your new pillows are delightful!

  5. Hi Jess

    I love that pom-pom trim! I have recently been looking for nice trims here and can't find any. I saw a lovely ric rac for Christmas table mats last year, but forgot to save the name of the company selling it!

    What a great idea with the eiderdowns! I may have to join your society as soon as I have time to dig out my favourtie blanket and blog about it.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

    Marie x

  6. Your cushions are so pretty - I love the pom-pom trim but my cats would love it too!

    Oh - by the way - as requested I have posted the plum cake recipe on my blog. I'm making it again today for my book club meeting tonight.

  7. The cushions are lovely, that pom pom trim is gorgeous. What a shame about the cake box, it looked so pretty I think I might have to pop into Sainsbury's myself! Thanks for adding Caton Darling and Moore to your links we doing ours now, well perhaps I should say we will be doing our when we have stopped visiting!

  8. Thanks for the eiderdown advice It looks great have a look on my blog Mary

  9. Ooh Jess you've inspired me, I love how you mix fabrics together and the trims. I've got some lovely bits and pieces that aren't quite big enouh for a whole cover but perhaps I could try an idea like yours. I'm not that competent so wish me luck! What a sweet cake box - shame you couldn't keep it.

  10. buttercup&roses15 September 2007 at 21:44

    ohh I wish I could sew, your cushions are just gorgeous!
    Thanks for your info on the sewing machine, I wish you lived nearer to me, you could come and teach me how to use it! Im going to give it ago, and see how I get on with it, I will let you know how I get on...

    Wish me luck! Jen x

  11. I love your cushions - the trims really finish them off well. You can't beat a bit of bobble trim! That cake looked too good to eat. Shame about the box - that would make me buy cakes even if they didn't taste great!

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