Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Blogger has officially taken a back seat while my new internet addiction has taken hold.

When you sign up for Pinterest you can create your own online pin/mood boards with images that link back to the websites they were originally found on.

You can add a Pin It button to your bookmarks bar, which you can click to pin something that inspires you or that you wish you owned. When you click, it takes you to a page of thumbnails of images that are on that page. You just select the one you want, choose a board to add it to, write a short description and pin!

Not only do you have access to your own pins, but you can also view and 'repin' something else from someone else's board. either from 'Pinboards You Follow', 'Most Discussed', 'Everything' or 'Gifts'. You can also search for pins by keyword or category.

Pinterest is available by invite only at the moment. You can request an invite from the home page which will be processed and emailed to you in around a week or two; or if you are really keen to start pinning right away, leave a comment with your email address and I will send you an invite from my account ASAP.

EDIT: If you have asked me for an invite, please check your junk mail too, just in case!