Monday, 8 September 2008

It's been a while......

.....but I've finally managed to break the blogger's block and take the plunge again. My unexplained absence has not been on purpose, I have on several occasions sat down at my laptop with good intentions, only to be distracted by some other job, or request asked of me.

The last two weeks have been particularly hectic, what with Danny's Aunt and Cousin from New Zealand staying with us, and Ella's first week at school. I enjoyed having them to stay, they were really lovely, and we had a great time, but now they are making their way home, and I have dropped Ella off to school this morning, I feel I can change gear, take a sigh of......relief ??? No, not relief, but maybe just sit down and exhale, I don't know how to put it into words, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Since I've been away I have been given some awards, and recieved a giveaway.
So here are some long overdue thank you's. First to Cathy at Pink Green for my 'Brillante Weblog' and 'You make my day' award, and also to Marie at Dreaming of Wild Roses for another 'Brilliante Weblog' award, thank you both so much, it's lovely to know that anyone likes to read my ramblings, let alone recieving an award for them.
I had such a lovely surprise in the post a couple of weeks ago, when I recieved my Pay It Forward giveaway from Steph at Curlew Country sent me a handmade lampshade cover, made in the most gorgeous fabric from Louise Loves, wrapped in some beautiful CK 'birds' tissue paper (which I have saved of course!) and a sweet little wooden polka dot heart tag, which I think may have come from the talented Catherine of Mollycupcakes. Thank you!!!

On to my little girl and of course a photo in her first school uniform....

After some pictures outside she asked 'mummy can you get some pictures of me reading'

I managed to make her a bag for her P.E. kit the day before she started, and just managed to finish appliqueing her name on that evening, a bit of a labour of love, mind you it was worth it just to see Ella's reaction, she said 'mummy, you make me such beautiful things' (I imagine it will come home at half term covered in mud!)

Finally here is one of my very favourite purchases of this summer, this beautiful tiered skirt made by the very talented Beata of Rosehip