Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Catching up

I can't believe it's been over 3 weeks since I last posted, It's not has if I have had nothing to talk about. In the last few weeks I went to Ardingly Antiques Fair, been to several birthday parties, had my twenty-fifth birthday (and got some lovely presents!) and done my first craft fair, so I have lots of lovely things to show you.

Here are my purchases from Ardingly....

Some very useful folding steps for £15, I'm debating whether to give them a padded oilcloth seat so I can use it as a stool as well, what do you think? to cover or not to cover?

This lovely floral enamel bucket I got for £6 after a little haggling

A biscuit tin for a £1, you can't beat a pretty tin

and finally this pair beautiful french marble-topped pot cupboards for either side of my bed, bought as a birthday present for me from my wonderful and very generous parents, thank you mum and dad xxx

I had been looking for a pair of bargain bedside tables for a while now, something elegant, not too chunky, but not too flouncy either, but to no avail, even the re-pros are expensive, and the cheaper ones, the ones with the fretwork design are a little too small, and not very sturdy.

So when mum and dad took me to Ardingly for a birthday outing I was determined to find a couple of nice ones, not necessarily matching, but similar in size.
3 1/2 hours later I was beginning to give up hope as I still hadn't found anything quite right, and at 2pm all the stall holders seemed to have decided to go home early and where slowly packing up. Feeling a slight panic rising in me that I had come all the way down to Surrey for this huge fair and I was only going to be going home with a bucket and a biscuit tin, I stepped up the pace, and I discovered the lovely steps from a very nice lady who knocked a fiver off the price, oh well I thought, maybe it wasn't meant to be, I turned around to look for mum and dad, only to discover these pair of perfect tables. Bracing myself for disappointment, I asked the man how much they where, £250 for the pair - he said, I said - I only have £180 left, he made a call to his man in charge, and eventually said I could take them for £180. Now I had to think - this was much more than I wanted to pay for my bedside tables, but on the other hand they where 1920's, french (with makers label still in the drawer), marble-topped in pale grey, one still had the original enamel pot liner in the cupboard, and they where matching. I decided it was much better to spend £180 on a pair of well-made original tables, than spending £100-£120 on a pair of poorer quality re-pros that might not stand the test of time. I think I made the right decision.

The only thing I wasn't keen on was the buttermilk cream colour they had been painted in, it just didn't go with the pale grey marble, so I went out the next day and bought a pot of pale grey paint, I given them one coat and they look much better, so I will show you an after photo when I get the next coat on.

Well that went on a bit, I shall post some photos of the craft fair, and my birthday presents in the next couple of days to break things up a bit.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Sometimes it snows in april

But it's nice to be cosy indoors with a cup of tea....

This week I'll be busy uploading this lot onto the website....

lots of pretty floral china, waiting patiently to grace someones dresser

I also wanted to show you some books.....

the one on the right I bought from Ella's nursery, because last year my mother gave me the one on the left. It was my great grandmothers, and she owned it in 1916

The new version is very funny, and makes me giggle out loud when I read it, so if you come across it (I got it from The Book People for £4) I would definitely recommend it.
I just wanted to show the the preface from the book on the left, published in 1914.....

"If this book had been written many years ago it would have contained more pages about needlework and fewer about out-of-door exercises. Each year, however, shows how fallacious are those no more conventional notions concerning the limitations of women, for men are being eclipsed from time to time, not only in the examination room, but even in the field, upon what they had considered hitherto to be their own ground.

How gracefully and well does a woman ride a bicycle usually; how hump-backed and ungainly do most men appear upon the same machine! Moreover, girls do not throw away the good they have won on the hockey field, and in the swimming bath, by imbibing whiskey and other absurd concoctions, crowding into hot billiard rooms and bar parlours. Thus it is easy to see even now as we walk along the streets how girls and women are surpassing boys and men in carriage, health and intellect.

It has not been possible in this book to exhaust all the subjects that have beeen mentioned, but intelligent girls, having selected their hobbies, will find means to purse them beyond the limit which space has imposed upon us in these pages."

I don't know about you, but I was surprised how forward thinking it was!

I have recently received a couple of lovely packages that I wanted to show off.
I won this gorgeous little needlecase in a giveaway over at Florence Hope, thank you very much Ladies!

and this morning postie brought me this lovely package from Beata at Rosehip, I'm so chuffed I managed to get this one from her Etsy shop, as they where selling like hot cakes, and each one was bought up as soon as she listed them! I was determined to get one made with this pretty floral fabric - just by chance, does anyone know where I can buy this fabric from, or what it's name is?

Finally I thought I'd let you know that I am going to be at the East London Craft Guerrilla Craft Fair in Walthamstow Village on 26th April so if your about, come on down.