Friday, 3 April 2009

simple pleasures

Three vintage stools, begging for a lick of paint, 50p each


vintage duck egg blue enamel weighing scales £1

wooden crate with 'simple pleasures' stamped on the side

wrapping a little gift I made gift for my mother, a little lavender bag made from a pretty vintage embroidered coaster, or a 'smeller' as my daughter called it. 


  1. hey
    im new to your blog

    i just wanted to say that looks like such a wonderful little gift-very pretty


  2. Don't bargains just make your day. The stools made me smile - my grandparents had a couple with yellow vinyl seats, I wonder if they're still in my parents garage, hmmmm?

    Super little gift for your mum. was it really a coaster?! How could you risk sploshing coffee on that beauty!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Everything is great but love the little gift.I also collect anything that has been embroidered to make into quilts.

  4. Those are great and beautiful bargains. I love the colour of those scales.
    Hope your mum liked her gift, it's very sweet.

  5. Fabulous finds. I love the colour of the scales, and the coaster is beautiful. What a great gift for your mum. I am itching to get thrifting again - it's a bit tricky getting round a car boot in a field on crutches! I am having withdrawal symptoms, but am enjoying everyone else's thrifting finds instead!
    Cathy X

  6. Can't wait to see what you do to those stools, me thinks a lick of white paint and some CK fabric, I can see them already! Love the gift for your mum too - Natalie x

  7. Wow, what fantastic bargains - those stools will look lovely once they're painted! x

  8. Hey sis-n-law, keep that box under lock and key................

  9. I bet your mum loved that its so pretty. looks so pretty wrapped up too x

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    And what great finds!


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