Friday, 6 February 2009

Doily Love

my doily curtain, they're only pinned on, I haven't got round to sewing them yet, but they look so pretty when the morning sun comes shining through.

Sorry about the dark pictures, but it's a very grey day today in essex.

Have a happy weekend whatever you're up to.

I'm going to start it at about 4 o'clock, over at my neighbour's house. The children will play and have dinner and we will have wine and crisps!


  1. What a lovely idea I love the idea of recycling them to make something new I can imagine it looks so pretty when the sun shines through.

  2. That curtain looks so pretty , what a great idea . x Dom

  3. Hi there, onyl just recently found your blog.
    That's such a pretty idea.
    Hope you enjoyed your wine and crisps.

  4. The curtain looks beautiful. I wish we lived in a house that would suit such a window treatment. Really great idea.

  5. What a great idea. I love lace and can't get enough of handmade things like this. Wonder what it would look like in my house...?

  6. Beautiful!
    My mother crotchet lovely doilies, and now I wished I had kept them.

  7. That looks lovely! What a cool way to use the doilies :)

    Mel xxx

  8. Aww they look gorgeous Jess,
    Hope it doesn't take to long to sew them on.
    I've popped a little sorry on my blog for you, as I bought the lovey CK bag on your list of favourites, it's fabulous. You should get one, i just couldn't leave it there lol
    And Miss Molly wants to the wellies too, well it is her birthday soon and every girl should have a pink pair of wellies shouldn't they.
    Big hugs,
    Catherine x

  9. I love those doiley cutains but does the weight of them distort the net? They really are so pretty.

  10. Just found your blog! What a lovely idea, the doilies look like snowflakes under a magnifying glass!
    Will certainly visit again,and you are very welcome to come over to Clover Cottage.

    Have fun xx

    Sharon : )

  11. It is difficult to get it right with doilies but your curtain looks wonderful.

  12. That is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

  13. What a lovely way to repurpose vintage doilies! Thank you for the wonderful idea ...

  14. Ooh, that doily curtain is rather lovely! What a good idea. I have a great stash of them waiting to be used or adapted.
    Just discovered your blog - beautiful! I'll be back to visit again soon.
    Happy days

  15. This blog = pretty, VERY pretty.
    I popped over from Pozie gets Cosy, and I have so enjoyed my visit here.I left a comment on this post (although they all are beautiful) because I think the design of the doilies shows up so well with the light coming through from the outside. Being that the whole thing is white on white makes the design even stronger. Pretty, VERY pretty. Carolina


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