Wednesday, 28 January 2009

excuse my hyperventilating....

I have just come across the newly updated Cath Kidston site, and here are just a few of my favourites.....

and I which bag? Decisions, decisions.............

and apparently there's more - lots of  "coming soon....."'s, the anticipation is killing me, I need some vallium or something, it's like I've had a major sugar rush!

they need to get a new web designer though, lots of cock-ups, just to name a few, they  have a mother's bag in the new spray flowers design priced up at £0.00, which will go in the your shopping trolley (didn't have the guts to check it out though), and a picture of a blue polka dot bag instead of what's meant to be a blue rose blanket?!?!


  1. Oh no! I saw a mention of the new CK site on another blog and had a quick peek but how cruel of you to show photos!!!!!!! Those tins are lush and I love the wellies. Oh why not admit it, I love ALL of it.

    Mel xxx

  2. OH I love the sweet boots, I want them! And where can I get them?
    Love your blog thanks for letting me into your home

  3. Oh such loveliness. I noticed there were quite a few mistakes as well. I also was a bit disappointed not to find a button that would take me to all the new stuff. Some one else in blogland mentioned it was updated so I went to take a look and really struggled to find much new stuff. Maybe I was having a bit of a 'dippy day' yesterday! Will go take another look. Love those boots and the bags. Sorry I didn't get back to you about the blue and pink rose fabric. Unfortunately I only have the tiniest amount left and it is spoken for for various little projects otherwise I could have let you have some. I really wish I could get hold of more myself. I bought it from a patchwork shop when I lived in Kew and they sold out of it so quickly. I think it was a Moda fabric and was a limited collection so they didn't get any more. Fiona

  4. I'm in love with all that you have put on here and the spotty trenhcoat....oh how my heart sings!!!!xxx

  5. Loving the new wellies the cupcake will need to have a pair of them each for our Featherdown farm holiday again this year lol
    So glad i kept most of my voucher from last Christmas for all her new goodies, Yeay!
    There is so many new things, this time.
    Your so right about her website, it drives you mad, all the mistakes. I'd be on the case of who ever wroks on it if i was her.
    Thanks for sharing all your favs sweetie and hope you and your lovely family are well.
    Catherine x

  6. Oh I know her latest catalogue landed on my doormat this morning I love it's new design it's more like a magazine and got so excited I love so many things in it the new stuff is gorgeous I love those tins and that frame bag not checked out the new website yet so will have a little look.
    PS love all your goodies in your last post particulary the oil painting it's beautiful!

  7. Hi Jess,
    I did the same when I spotted her new collection... I too am in love with all the bits you have picked. It's my birthday soon so I have decided to treat myself with a few more bits from her range. I just got her new brochure and cant believe that we will still have to wait for yet more of the range, I'm too impatient and want to see the full collection now hehe.

  8. I just revel in the catalogue - and as I refuse to pay her prices, I usually sit there saying, 'I could make that' - I never do though!!!


  9. Hi there, the stores are getting the floral pumps in mid Feb...I've just ordered mine....the service directfrom the stores is much faster too!
    Just thought I'd let you know....they are lovely!x

  10. Lovely new things - I feel a shop visit coming on!

  11. Is there an easy and CHEAP way for girls in America to get these LOVELIES?

  12. ooh Jess..your back! I totally agree..the new stuff is really gorgeous isn't it? but yes, I thought last time, crikey I could do a better job than the website designer..there's LOADS of mistakes!!
    I love that last post..such pretty things you had, especially the painting, its beautiful. xx

  13. They are all so gorgeous,why do they have to be equally all gorgeous. Hope the out house is going well, wish I had one. I would send my daughter to it sometimes!or maybe I would move in
    x Dom


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