Monday, 12 January 2009

Recovering from chaos

This is the view from my window where I sit at my computer.
Back in October my father-in-law came to live with us, and up until the end of last week he was staying in my sewing room our spare bedroom while the junk storage facility outbuilding in our garden was converted in to a little annex for him to live in. In between then and now we have been living in chaos. Things that originally had homes have been been displaced, some outside under tarpulins, some just sitting about with no place to go.
My dining table hasn't been used for dining in a long while.

My garden has all been dug up with a digger, all my plants gone, to make way for new pipework.

the old boiler had to go, it finally gave up the ghost, and has left us with a unplastered patch in the kitchen and a load of new pipes that need to be boxed in.

But on the brightside we now have a central heating back which has been lovely, especially with this recent cold snap.

So now the big reshuffle must begin, it is time to find all things homeless a new place to reside, and restore some order to our home. Wish me Luck!


  1. Lots of luck sorting it all out, all that upheaval would drive me mad :( Your cyclamen are very pretty by the way.

    Mel xxx

  2. oh you poor sweetheart! what an must be really hard not to mention cold pre-boiler!! hope you get straightened up soon. just think how lovely it'll be to put stuff back and re-arrange. x

  3. oooh crikey Jess..I dont envy you that little lot of sorting out! Your poor garden! Best of luck with it all,I'm sure you'll soon be back to normal.x

  4. Hi Jess, its awful when everything is upside down isn't it - but I hope you get organised soon! - Natalie x P.S - Its nice to see you back by the way!

  5. Hi Jess, its awful when everything is upside down isn't it - but I hope you get organised soon! - Natalie x P.S - Its nice to see you back by the way!

  6. Hello Jess, Happy New Year, lovely to hear what you've been up to even if it is chaos! Hope you had a good Christmas.

    I bet when you sort yourselves out your place will be looking even lovelier than before.

    Have a smashing week.

  7. Oh Poor you! Sounds as if you may have your work cut out for a day or two but I am sure you will restore it all back looking lovely! x

  8. Happy new year to you, you definalty look like you have youe work cut out, I'm sure you will have it looking gorgeous very soon! How lovely for your little one to have grandad at the bottom of the garden
    Welcome back......Claire xx

  9. I hope that you are beginning to find some homes for all your lovely things, and that everything gets sorted out soon. xx glad you're warm too!

  10. Hi Jess
    You must of been fed up with all that upheaval and what a shame about your garden having to suffer. I'm sure you will have no problem in making your house a home again with all your pretty things having a new boiler must be bliss for you. I've really missed your blog good to see you posting again!

  11. You poor thing! It will all be worth it in the end, I moved into a terraced cottage in the 80's with my ex. An old lady had lived there, and just about everything needed doing, heating, roof, rewiring, new bathroom. kitchen etc. etc.
    It had quite a few lovely old features such as original fireplaces, original doors, and picture rail etc. As you can imagine, it took quite a while, as we were both working full time, but was gorgeous when finished!
    We had to move when my son came along, it was hard, as I had got the house just as I wanted!!

    Happy blogging - your Daughter is so cute!

    Sharon x

  12. Poor you and your home and garden.
    I'm sure in another few months everything will be back to normal....

    It's funny but boilers hold a certain fasination with me - once you have been without heat and hot water and a new boiler arrives its status is elevated to a demi God

  13. Happy New Year to you and your family! Good luck with all of it, take care


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