Friday, 9 May 2008

Oh what a beautiful day...

Frilly tulips...

Pretty forget-me-nots

This striking little fellow

does anyone know what it's called?

one of my car boot treasures, 20p unfortunately it has a hairline crack, and no saucer, but it is so beautifully delicate and hand-painted too, if you look carefully you can see the tiny brushstrokes.

The perfect lunch on a warm sunny day

I made this simple pasta sauce from a tin of sainsburys taste the difference cherry tomatoes (49p a tin) that I discovered the over day, a little bit more expensive than your bog standard tinned tomatoes, but definately worth the extra.
I made it with what I had left over in the fridge and what I had in the garden so very cheap and low effort.

1. simmer the tin of tomatoes on the hob with a few sprigs of thyme (or basil, parsley, oregano what ever you have in the garden) and a 1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves for about 10 mins, stirring occasionally, and squashing some the tomatoes with the back of the spoon if you want.

2. stir in about a tablespoon of low fat creme fraiche (if you have it) to thicken the sauce a little (although the sauce in the tin is quite thick already) season to taste, and heat through for a further 5 mins.

3. tip the sauce into the pan of cooked and drained pasta and stir through coating the pasta, letting it sit for a minute or two allowing it to soak up some of the sauce.

4. serve in a bowl crumbling over some feta or goats cheese (or grated Parmesan, what ever you have in the fridge really) sprinkle with a few fresh thyme leaves (or other fresh herb), bit of black pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil if your feeling a bit like Jamie.

5. Crack open a bottle of chilled white wine!

I would say this would do two generous bowls of pasta, but for more, just double the quantity.


  1. Oo what lovely photos and beautiful tulips but I'm afraid that striking little red fellow, as lovely as he is, is a Lily beetle and he will destroy all your lillies with his buddies.. he's definately not good news!!
    I'm going to try that pasta..I love simple food like that..and tinned cherry yummy!

  2. Love the tulips! The pasta sounds just the job for a hot summer's lunch. The lily beetles need to be squashed asap - they do terrible damage, and I don't think you can spray (not that I do anyway).
    Good luck hunting them down - they lie upside down on the soil so you can't see them and also whistle to each other to let them know you are coming - I kid you not!
    Cathy X

  3. love the cup Jess, perfect for your dresser bad news about the evil beetle so much for good looks eh.....?

  4. the cheeky little buggers!
    Only thing is, I haven't got any lilys in my garden. So does it eat anything else, or do you think he was just lost?

  5. Your lunch looks delicious :o) I have been really into pasta lately... especially tortellini. I must say that I have never seen frilly tulips before! They're beautiful!

  6. Glad to see all you girls are onto the Lily beetles
    What is your frilly tulip called? worth looking out for. Did you plant it last year or has it survived from previous years?
    From your loving mother

  7. Mmmm your lunch looks delicious - makes my tummy rumble!

  8. What a pretty post...those frilly-edge tulips and forget-me-nots are calling my name! I've not been by here in a while...nice to see what you've been up to--such loveliness! That pasta dish looks delcious...mmm...Happy Spring Days :o)

  9. Love your frilly tulips, I need to brush up my photography skills your photos look so professional! Going to try your delicious dinner. I've learn't what a lilly beetle looks like now going to watch out for those little blighters in my garden too!

  10. Lovely litle fellow - no idea what his name is!

    I just would love to collect cups with roses - maybe my next ambition.

    Best Regards Maud

  11. Wow those tulips are so beautiful, where can I get some? please share.
    And yummy pasta dish, I'll be round to pull up a chair lol I'll bring wine hehe!
    Have a great weekend, yes it's that time again, they just get closer and closer don't they?
    Catherine x

  12. hey Jess Louis found him in our bug book he's called Lilioceris Lillii- and if you touch him he will squeak! lol Phillippa


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