Friday, 2 May 2008

Craft Fair Fun

As promised here are some pictures of my stall at the craft fair, we where so lucky with the weather, I even got burnt!
I didn't make an absolute fortune, but I did make enough to make it worth my while, and it was such a lovely afternoon.

Mum came and provide transport there in the form of her old volvo estate (which is as old as my soon to be 21 year old sister, but it's still going!) and she kept Ella amused all day, there was also another little girl there, and they spent most of the day playing together, pestering the shop cat, and eating the cupcakes provide for customers! I must say, I was very proud, as lots of people came up to me and said how well behaved she was (shame she's not like that at home!)

As I said it was a beautiful day, and there was steady stream of customers, so It had been well advertised, although buying was a bit slow, and some people hadn't brought any cash.
I'm not sure what it would be like if it's raining on the day as it outdoor and there is no cover provided, I'm booked for the next one on Saturday May 31st, so fingers crossed it doesn't rain next time either.
Even though buying was slow, I still managed to take home £76, also I had invited a few family and friends who turned up through out the day to break things up a bit, and one customer even asked to take a picture of my stall, which was very complimentary

It was lovely to meet some other bloggers and etsy sellers there too, Piccolo, Lottie Frank, and Cheeky Leopard

I had asked Sophie at Sophie Stansfield Designs if I could take some of her super cute jars filled with felt 'sugar cookies' as I thought they would look lovely on the stall. They were very well received and I managed to sell a couple of jars, and lots of people took her moo cards home with them, so I hope she might get a few orders in the next few weeks.

I love this picture of Ella, even though she is scoffing her face with yet more junk!


  1. Jess,
    Your stall looks absolutely beautiful! What an amazing job - I am so glad you were lucky with the gorgeous weather too!
    Fantastic photos - I have been eagerly awaiting them!
    Sophie x

  2. Your stall looks fab, very tempting! Glad the weather was knid to you.

  3. I love your stall, it all looks so pretty and girly and lovely!! (can you tell I have a house full of boys?!) I'd love to be lolling around on that little daybed surrounded by all those pretty cushions and eiderdowns!..glad you did well there, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for your next one! Ella looks such a sweetie x

  4. The stall looks really lovely, a real crowd puller. Glad it was a success for you.
    Julia x

  5. Your stall looks lovely - I like the things hanging in the tree. Good luck with the next one - you have some lovely stuff and you deserve to do well.
    Cathy X

  6. I love the way you used the tree to display your stock it all looks so pretty you have made some really gorgeous things - well done I'm glad it went well for you. Ella looks very pretty in that photo looks like she's enjoying it too!

  7. Well done Jess, so civilised and elegant I can almost imagine you sipping tea from a vintage cup eating cupcakes, how do you make it look so effortless!

  8. Your stall looks gorgeous - I wish I was nearer! Thank you for letting me know about your labels too - the etsy shop is empty at the moment, but I'll keep checking as I would love some - Natalie x

  9. Hi your craft fair things look lovely and the stall looks beautifull . I would have made a beeline if I had seen all those goodies. Ella looks so sweet sitting there , looks part of the stall! too

  10. Everything looks so very pretty & you made good use of the tree!

  11. Glad you had a good day Jess, your stall looks just fabulous!
    Lovely picture of Ella (isn't her hair looking cute now!)
    Lucky you with the weather - it only stopped raining at 3ish here today. Good luck for the one at the end of the month.
    Stephx (my rosy bag was an ebay win btw, my mum got one from Woolworths orginially I think so I just did a search for rose bag and came up trumps!)

  12. Well done Jess your stall looked gorgeous and so inviting. I hope the next ones even better for you.
    Ella looks lovely sitting and as for the junk, us Mum's have to do what what we have to do, if you know what I mean lol
    Crisps and naughties only on days out. We're just the same hun x
    Look forward to hearing about the other fair.


    Catherine x

  13. What a beautiful sunny scene, packed with the sorts of things we all love to love!!!
    When will your website be okay to view? xxx


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