Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Oh the Glamour!!

Although my house is decorated mostly in a cosy country cottage style, I sometimes need to indulge my magpie tendancy for a bit of sparkle, so my bedroom, as I mentioned in a previous post, is in the slow process of being redecorated (it's been the same as when we moved in nearly two years ago with disgusting purple walls) - inspired by my love for Art Deco glamour, in pale shell colours, with lots of silk, mother-of-pearl, and ideally some mirrored furniture.
So here are some photos to give you the general idea, including a picture of a few of my 1920's-30's beaded purses which I collect, I've got about 15 now.

This pretty little lace butterfly brooch I found in the house when we moved in, it was in the cuboard under the stairs, hooked onto an iron holder screwed to the wall!

I have finally finished the silk curtains for my room, hurrah!!!
Here are some pics, I had to take them with the flash, because the light coming through the window made it impossible to get any kind of definition, so it made them look a lot more shiny than they actually are. Also, ignore the purple walls trying to get into shot


  1. What a pretty butterfly brooch. I can't believe someone left it behind.

  2. oh i love your purses, they are so, so beautiful, and that perfume bottle (is it how it´s called?) it´s gorgeous!!!

  3. I love your new curtains Jess, very elegant. Every girl needs some space for a little glamour. I've got a real thing about vintage pearls and bought a lovely, double, graduated string with a diamante clasp in a charity shop recently. They're 1940s and absolutely gorgeous, so unlike any of my other jewellery which is a bit more practical. I've worn them so much and even though I feel like an 80s Sloane Ranger I don't care, its my little chance to feel dressed up.
    P.S. Love the idea of an eiderdown show & tell! I'd appreciate any tips/places about where to buy them for less than £100 (!), advice on to clean them up easily and lovely pics of how people display them. Mine's not arrived yet so I can't get the ball rolling but I'll definitely join in.

  4. buttercup&roses21 August 2007 at 23:55

    Loving those curtains!
    I love the whole colour scheme, vintage, art deco style is just perfect in a bedroom...
    cant wait to see it all finished!

    Jennifer x

  5. LOVE your glam collection! You have some marvelous pieces there! Your silk curtains are a dream--love that simmer, and the color! Happy Day :o)

  6. I love those pretty glass perfume bottles. They add a touch of glamour to a dressing table.

    Marie x

  7. Hi Jessica!! Your curtains are wonderful-wish I could make those!! And what a bargain, £50 to go to Holland, why can't my train station do that!!! I also love your beaded bags, I collect those too!
    Have a great week!

  8. I love beaded evening bags - they are lovely to look at and lovely to touch. Yours are gorgeous.

    Clever you in making those curtains!
    Love ax

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