Friday, 10 August 2007

Giant Teacups, Pink Cup Cakes, and Summer Dresses......

Bonjour! I'm back, and feeling a lot better. Thank you to all of you for your lovely advice with regards to the ice-cream, it did the trick!

Yesterday I did two things that made me happy.........

number one........I made Ella a pretty summer dress, like I'd promised (my first one, so quite simple, but very sweet)

I'm thinking of putting some little patch pockets on the front, but haven't found the right fabric yet

number two........I made pink cup-cakes with Ella

and I actually made them with her, rather than her just watching while I did everything, I let her crack all the eggs (with a bit of mild supervision) and sieve the flour, sugar etc, but I did have to bite my tongue a couple of times when decorating them with icing and sprinkles. The best part was licking the bowl!

'Is that a giant teacup dwarfing the roberts radio?' I hear you cry...............

Noooo, its a very cute standy uppy gift bag from camden lock market that I just could not resist buying, I'm not sure I'm even going to use it as a gift bag, I'm just going to hang it from my notice board and look at it for a bit!
Have a lovely weekend everyone, especially you brits, get the barbeques, and the picnic paraphernalia ready, it's gonna be a scorcher!


  1. I love the teacup bag & the cupcakes & dress are both delicious.

    We have the BBQ on standby for later on this evening -- the grass has been mown, the salad has been picked & the meat is marinating nicely.

  2. Hi,I've recently found your blog and I love it!What a pretty dress you've made for Ella!I'll be back another day!

  3. buttercup&roses13 August 2007 at 12:06

    What a pretty dress, Oh I wish I could sew!
    Gorgeous cupcakes, I have to stay quiet when making cakes with my neice and nephew as the icing and sprinkles go everywhere (Im a bit of a perfectionist!)

    Loving that teacup bag!!!


  4. So glad you are feeling better! Ella's dress is lovely--and so is she! Super cupcakes--pink ones are the most tempting, aren't they?! That teacup bag looks sooo "real" Happy Days! :o)

  5. Oh I'd have loved to wear a dress like that when I was little! Ella looks like she's having a high old time. My 4yr old Barney really enjoys cooking too and as he's a bit of a fussy eater is the best way I've found to get him to nibble something new - funny though, he didn't seem to bat an eyelid the first time he made chocolate chip cookies?!
    Glad your feeling better - I'm down with the lurgy now so busy polishing off sorbets Any excuse!

  6. Hello,

    I found your blog via Foxgloves. I love that pretty dress and the cupcakes look delicious. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea in one of those cute Matalan mugs!

    Love your blog!

    Marie x

  7. Really, Cupcakes are looking so delicious... I wanna make them in my kitchen...


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