Tuesday, 24 August 2010

T52MMMC week 3

I did make this last week, honest, I just didn't get round to posting until today as I spent most of last week in the beautiful city of Bath, doing lots of shopping. Luckily while I was in Bath the weather was beautiful which is more than what I can say for the weather in Essex recently, we are feeling a bit soggy here at the mo, which is a bit ironic since last weeks make was a garden sunshade!

These pictures where taken in a bit of a hurry in-between rain showers, so aren't the best.
I bought this lovely heavyweight cotton fabric last year in a slightly odd, but pleasing fabric/coffee shop in Maldon (the smell of coffee wafting up your nose while you fondle fabric was quite soothing).

At the time I thought it would be lovely to use it in garden somewhere, either as a giant outdoor floor cushion like this, or some sort of sun shady thing. But it spent over a year taking up precious space on my fabric shelves until now.

The sunshade has garden canes threaded through the back and front to help keep it's shape and is held up with a combination of cup hooks, eyelet screws and some washing line, so it quite easy to take down and roll up when the weather is yucky.

I don't know about you, but all the flowers in garden are starting to look a bit worst for wear now, but these newbies look gorgeous in my french stacking crates I got for the boot sale the other week £10 for 3!

This is one of a pair of deck chairs I got two years ago, I managed to make a new sling for this one last year, but still haven't finished of the other one, so that's another job for the list.

Please pray for a non-rainy morning for me tomorrow, as it car boot day in Marks Tey and I missed it last week while I was in Bath!


  1. hi there! i never was here before but i must say i love your blog from the first sight! everything looks soooo romantic;
    best wishes and a happy weekend ;0)

  2. Your garden looks amazing! I love the sun shade - I just hope you have chance to use it in between the showers! I love the stacking crates too - a real bargain. I've got mine filled with lettuces but the snails got to them while I was away and they don't look too appetising now! XX

  3. I love your post it's so pretty...I'm going to have to become a follower!!

  4. Love your garden and new shade. I also love shopping in Bath! Hope you had fun.
    I see that you have chickens. Have you ever shown where you keep them? Is their little coop as cute as yours? I have always wanted to have some chickens. But I am such a city girl, I don't know how I would do it. My husband says they would poop everywhere and make lots of noise. So he said "NO chickens!" ,,,, I'm still working on him.


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