Thursday, 5 August 2010

The 52MMM Challenge week 1

That stands for 52 marvellous makes madness challenge.

The challenge is to make one thing a week for the next 52 weeks, and that doesn't include dinner!
O.K, so I was a bit slow on making a start, but this week I made my first thing. A cute little blind for the spare room/sewing room. made from a vintage embroidered tablecloth and a bit of lace from my stash.

Very simple, it's unlined, without any rods, and just pinned to the window frame, but I sewed on some rings and threaded it with cord so it goes up and down easily. I'm really pleased with it!

Looking at the photos now, I probably should have given it a bit of an iron, but hey, I'm not known for my ironing skills!

While I was fiddling about I decided that the ikea lamp above the bed need prettifying too, so I tied a ribbon in a bow and clipped on a old china rose earring I had in my box of trinkets.


  1. the blind is great! what a wonderful idea! love it.

  2. I love the Blind.

    Also like the idea of putting the ribbon and rose onto the lamp, really makes it look good:)
    Michelle x

  3. Just the sweetest lamp. Loving the window to pretty pretty pretty

  4. the simple ideas are usually the best and most inspiring. Love both of your MMs. xx

  5. What a great idea for the cloth, so many of them get folded and stored away, nice to appreciate Linda:)

  6. Lovely Blind and lamp shades, and the make 52 things is a great idea, wish I could stay that motivated ;-)

  7. I love the blind - the cloth was the perfect fit! The lamp looks pretty too - a really good way to use the flower. I admire your 52 things challenge - looking forward to seeing some more!
    Cathy XX

  8. Love that idea with the Ikea lamp.
    Really cute.


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