Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Let there be light!

Finally we have some springy weather!

I am just recovering from what has been a rather sicky weekend, first Ella was sick in her bed, and then for the rest of saturday night, then I came a cropper on sunday night, then Danny on monday, Yuck!
I missed the first day of blue skies and sun on monday as I was curled up in bed, but today I felt the strength to climb out from under the covers and get some washing on the line.

I've made some vegetable soup for dinner from some leftovers languishing in our very naked fridge, potted up a few primulas I bought last week, and got the camera out to take some photos.

new Rowan yarn in ice-cream colours from colourway- now I can finally make a start on a granny blanket.

last weeks bargain, which I found whilst wandering round a antiques centre with my mum and dad. A super soft 'comfy' quilt, a little worst for wear on the outer edges, and not normally my colours but for £9.75 I just couldn't leave it.

Now I have a dilemma.

Do I......

A) As my mum suggested, use it as a base for a new quilt.

B) Sew a band of fabric round the edges to cover over the damage.

C) Cut off the outer border, leaving the middle as a smaller quilt and bind the edges, and use any of the the undamaged bits of the border for smaller projects.

D) Any other ideas?

Ho Hum, Back to work tomorrow.


  1. HI, your quilt is really lovely ,you lucky thing for finding it and such a good price, I would just bind round the edges with some coordinating fabric, opption b, I am visiting from vintage heart blog , which I have just started , just want to add how much I enjoy yours! best wishes,Linda.

  2. Hi, that quilt was such a find! If it was me I'd probably cut it up and make things for other people with it, purely because I'm just not a lilac kind of person but I can appreciate that is is beautiful fabric and could bring a lot of joy to someone!

    The flowers are so lovely, nice to see some Spring creeping in :)

    Mel xxx

  3. Oooh we've had the yucky bug too - not nice, hope you're all feeling better.
    Love those primulas in the colander, lovely idea.

    Hmmm, lovely quilt but I think everyone else has better ideas than I could come up with! Sure you'll do something fab with it. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I love your choice of yarn colours. The quilt looks great too. I would go for binding the edges. Maybe in one of the colours from the paisley style print.

  5. Found your blog through Belle and Boo.
    Looking forward to following you! I live across the pond in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  6. Hi Honey,
    I think B sew some new fabric around the edges. Loving the ice cream looking wool.
    And those pink primroses are beautiful.
    Hope your well.
    Catherine x

  7. hi Jess,hope you are all feeling better now..urgh sicky lurgies, how horrid.
    That's such a pretty bargain quilt you found there, I think I would leave it as it is or maybe bind just the edges? I have one that has some bald bits but it seems to be ok so far. Love those wool colours, that is going to be one preeetty granny blanket! x

  8. hi
    lovely primulas,
    gorgeous wool,
    lovely quilt.
    I would just bind the edges.
    have a great weekend

  9. hope you're feeling better. Lovely images and flowers!

    I would use it as the basis of a new quilt and give it a new life.


  10. OMG!!!!! That wool is incredible, the colours are definitely good enough to eat!

  11. just stumbled across your blog while trawling the net, due to the rain. Personally i like the worn edges, adds to the character, but I would go with option b, a deep edge, and lay a ribbon (probably crochet, or similar paisley binding) over the seam to hide the worn edge and the join,

    Happy easter, I'll definitely be back


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