Monday, 22 February 2010

R is for..............


You don't get much for 39p now-a-days, but whilst in Tescos last monday - shopping for a few essentials (milk, bread and Battenberg cake) for my elderly grandparents, I spied these beauties, reduced from £5. There was a couple of broken stems, but I could see their potential

Rob Ryan

My lovely limited edition laser-cut (my blurry photo doesn't do it justice) . Rob designed these especially for valentines day, and I managed to get my hands on one before they all sold out. My sister Libby introduced me to Rob Ryan's work a couple of years ago, and last year started doing some work experience with him. Since then she has started working for him a couple of days a week, and loves it, lucky girl!


  1. The flower are lovely and what a bargain!

    I love Rob Ryans work he currently has a exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park that I must go and see! Lucky sister!


  2. Beautiful flowers.
    I had never heard of RR before I started blogging, but he has lots of admirers here in blogland.
    Lisa x

  3. The flowers and card are just beautiful and have brightened my day sweetie. Thank you for sharing.
    Hope you're well x
    With love,

    Catherine x

  4. Oooooh how pretty Jess. I need flowers today, top of my shopping list. Hope I find such a bargain.

    I tried to get hold of soem Rob Ryan cards for Christmas but no joy. Fabulous work.
    Have a super weekend.


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