Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Reasons to be happy........

My most recent bargain buy...
7 of these beautiful bowls for £1.50!

My first bunch of spring flowers this year...

Turning a selection of vintage embroideries into cushions for the website.....

Being awarded this by Steph @ Curlew Country

Thanks, Steph I'm dead chuffed, and now I'm supposed to tell you 7 weird things about me, so here it goes......

1) I hate just doing a bodge job, whether I'm cooking a meal, decorating, sewing, making a picnic, I like to do everything properly, and get annoyed if I can't. It's all or nothing for me unless I've had a drink, then I'm a bit more chilled out!

2) Despite my slightly perfectionist tendencies, I still have millions of unfinished projects on the go, and I hate hoovering, ironing, and dusting, (I keep telling myself I have better things to do, like blogging, sewing, cooking, shopping, working) I tend to let things build up and have a major blitz every month, I have to be cross to tidy!

3) Although I love magazines, I have never bought a OK, Hello, Heat, or any of the many fortnightly magazines (can't think of any more titles), I'm not remotely interested in how thin, or how much weight a 'celeb' has put on, or what their wedding was like.

4) Before I started blogging, I thought that I was a bit strange, enjoying sewing, charity shops, stroking beautiful fabrics, cooking and baking, but now I found so many new blogging chums who enjoy the same things, and I can share my lastest bargain or project with, thank you!

5) 6 years ago I think everyone who knew me would have never believed I would have had a baby at 20, I was never a great fan of babies and children, and I was always thought of as one of the 'clever' ones. But it was a bit of a surprise when it happened, and although it wasn't the best time in my life to have a child, it was with someone I had a loving relation with, and we were already engaged, so I decided to become a mother, and though it's difficult at times (being a young mother, and having no previous career as such after college) it was probably one of the best decisions I've made.

6) I hate doughnuts filled with jam or custard, although I like the little ones with holes you get freshly made at the seaside.

7)I love and have a very diverse taste in music, and when I was younger I knew the words to all the songs. But after having a baby, my ability to remember lyrics has been stilted, and I often get them wrong when I'm singing along, like my mum does, which make my sister giggle. You truly do lose part of your brain when you have a baby!

Well now it's my turn to nominate 7 other bloggers for the award, so I have to find some of you that haven't already won it.

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Mia @ Mias Landliv
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Gisela @ Titel
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Kelly @ Notes From My Nest
Jo @ French Knots


  1. Hi Jessica,those bowls are beautiful!Such a bargain. I too have lost some brain cells since having children, more than a few some might say!

  2. I love your treasures! The embroidery is so pretty. I love finding precious handcrafted pieces. Tulips are absolutely divine.

  3. hi jess!!! how are you!? oh, those flowers are gorgeous!!!

  4. Jess,
    thank you for your comment. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK. I did recieve the items. Sorry for not letting you know. That was bad of me. Just staying true to form.. I'm a starter.. not a finisher! I'm terrible! Should be bettter. The bag is hanging by my fireplace and the rolling pin has now become a key feature in my pretty display on my kitchen windowsill. And that cushion I bought off you a while back - is THEE nicest, beautifulist (my made up word!), yummiest, most gorgeous cushion I have seen and everyone comments on it. So i just want to let you know what a talented girl you are!!!
    Take care,
    Charlotte xxx

  5. Jess when are the embroideries going up on your wensite, they're lovely. Lookign forward to seeing what you're going to make with them. Loved your 7 things list - I have a guilty flick through those magazines at the hairdressers occassionally but I wouldn't waste my cash on them. Not when there's floral china and house magazines to splash it on!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Stephx - great snap on the Greengate! Great minds, absolutely.

  6. thanks for nominating me Jess! but after 4 children Id be lucky to remember their names let alone 7 things about me! see you soon Zia

  7. Wow, bargain bowls!!!!
    Thank you for my award, what a lovely surprise (when I am supposed to be working and am actually skiving!)
    I look forward to seeing the cushions, I just got a load of old embroidered bits from my grandmother and so far they are sat in a cupboard waiting to be used....cushions sounds like a great idea, and as Grace's room is being decorated she needs new cushions.

    7 things about me...hmmmmm......better start thinking....

  8. Hello Jess,
    wow I was 19 when I had my first baby and the second 10 years later, followed by another 1 year and a month after that.
    My relationship with Jade my first is like having a very best girl friend and I love that. Hope I can do the same with my other two. I don't feel 32 I still feel 23, so this should help.
    I'm with you on the mag thingy what a load of rubbish, only good for one thing recycling.lol
    Have a good weekend.
    Catherine x

  9. Hi Jessica
    Love your list I too have been amazed at the number of bloggers who share the colecting,sewing ,cooking etc Love to read about what bloggers are up to

  10. I, too was so glad there were other people out there that loved just looking and touching fabric or threads but not necessarily doing anything useful with them. Collecting odd teacups, old bits of lace, balls of wool, beautiful buttons, vintage tins, cooking cupcakes and so on all bring joy to my heart - I am so relieved I have found other people to share this with.

  11. Just found this blog through curlew country. I love it. I can agree with a lot of what you say and I like your shop. I have just started blogging, so if you get a chance do call. It's called'The Old Quilt' on typepad. I'll be back.

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