Friday, 18 January 2008

Not a good start (do not read if you have weak stomach)

Today didn't start very nicely.

I came downstairs this morning to find Lily (the dog) vomiting all over the place, and when I phoned Danny (he gets up earlier than me and leaves for work at 6.30) he told me that when he came down in the morning there was a trail of vomit all the way from the back door to the cupboard under the stairs (where he keeps his mucky work clothes) which he had cleared up.
So at 9am, when she was still being sick (no food just slimey yellow bile and specks of blood, yuk!) I decided to ring the vet, (mainly because I was worried that she might have eaten a dead poisoned rat, which she has done before, and I have had a couple of rat sightings in the garden in the last couple of months, and so have the neighbours) the vets told me I should bring her in for an examination, just to be on the safe side.

So I bundle her into the car, with a couple of towels for emergency mopping up, and her looking mournful on the front seat. But when we arrive at the vets she seems to have perked up, wagging her tail at everyone that she sees, and barking at any dogs that growl at her. Vet looks her over and everything looks ok, but he gives her a couple of injections for anti sickness, and some pills to go home with, and gives me a £42 bill, thanks Lily, thats my weekend up the spout!

Now she keeps looking at me, as if to say, 'you know.....I'm feeling rather peckish now'. But I'm not risking it, she's on a 24 fast, I'm sick of clearing up sick today!

I was going to show you some pictures of my lastest thrifted treasures, but I've been held up by a poorly dog, and I need to get back to work, so maybe I get round to it this weekend. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, Jessx


  1. OH Jess, that is tough, hope your weekend peerks up a bit.
    Suzie Sews

  2. WOW, Lily, I hope you're feeling a lot better. Sounds like a morning that none of us want to have. Sending you get well wishes from California! Love, Hobie (

  3. Oh Jess, Poor Lily and you, I remember the days of clearing up sick and it was never very good especially when you get a vet bill too. Hope your weekend gets better and that Lily is back to her normal self soon. Take care.

  4. hope your weekend gets better, and poor lily is feeling better soon.

  5. Jess, I'm so glad that Lily is ok. but have to say your post did make me laugh out loud. You sounded just Ben when he comes back for the vets with the cats. Bl*#dy things he's says next time we're knocking them over the head in the garden. It will be cheaper lol Last bill for flaming cats £210 and 3 teeth less for one of them. Awww animals we love them!
    Have a good weekend and hope there is no more sick.

    Catherine x

  6. Jess, What a great start to the day you had!
    Its horrible hun, I know, I have been greated with that sight first thing in the morning many times too!

    As long as Lily is ok thats the most important thing (keep telling yourself that it makes it a little bit easier!)

    Hope she gets better soon, Jen x

  7. Hi, What a thoughtful dog(!) leaving such a lovely present for dog did the same but on Saturday and the other end - charming!! Luckily hubby was around to clear up. Dogs, who would have them?

  8. I'll trade you! In January alone, I needed stitches in my finger due to a utility knife cut from bunny proofing lamp cords--another trip to urgent care when my horse spooked and I fell, bruising ribs and liver--and again when I had a bad reaction to the pain med they gave me--and one more time for a cat bite infection that made my foot swell up so much I couldn't get my shoe on. She only bit me becuase my horseback fall made me slow at the cat food. Gotta luv 'em.

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