Tuesday, 19 January 2010

longing for spring.....


......waiting for bulbs to bloom

......loving my christmas present from my sister Libby, a printed tile made by Hazel Nicholls.

     .....adorning the bulldog clip holding this years calendar


.....and wanting to drive my new car with the sun shining and the windows down.


  1. spring bulbs are such a source of hope right now...sensing that there'll be brighter days ahead. like you i'm longing for the new season. love the tile! have just taken a peek at hazel's work and it's so nice.

    that car of yours is so cute. music on and windows down you'll have such fun cruising around : )

  2. I love your car! It looks so fun. Also a big fan of Hazel Nichols, you're a lucky lady.

  3. Oh i'm with you on this one honey, come on Spring get here already. I've a wedding to plan and have lol
    Hope your well.

    Catherine x

  4. That tile is so sweet, I love it! I have that exact posy brooch :)

    Mel xxx

  5. Hi Jess

    Lovely to hear from you, happy new year!

    What a fab new car you've got, mine's not quite so cute (Renault Scenic) but still fab. Snow here again tday so looks like it'll be a while bfore we drive about with the wind in our hair. Had enough now - roll on spring!

    Have a lovely weekend.


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