Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Summer update

There has been some making.......

some updating.......

some treasure hunting............

a trip to the seaside.........

some celebrating - mum & dad's 35th anniversary..............

mum spent weeks planning a picnic, but on the day it was drizzly, so we decided to have it in their conservatory instead, as close to outdoors as possible!

and then last sunday at 4am, after spending all night up with her, Lily gave birth to the first of the pups, and the last was born at 8am. Mum came over in the morning to let me have some sleep, and then she took Ella home with her to stay for a few days, to lighten my load.

she had nine, 3 girls and 6 boys, but unfortunately I discovered that one of the boys had a cleft palate, the reason why he couldn't latch on, my sister came over on monday evening, and helped me feed him by hand over night, and the next morning we took them all the the vet, who said his chances were very slim, as it was quite a bad cleft, and it would be better in the long run to have him put to sleep. It was so sad, I was so glad I had libby to sob in the surgery with!
Over a week on and mum and the rest are doing fine, they've more than doubled in weight already. We have five families booked in to visit when they are 4 weeks old, so if all goes well we only have 1 girl and 2 boys leaft to sell, and they are only 1 and a 1/2 weeks old.


  1. Oh, how lovely, what fabulous, cute puppies! Your doorstop(?) is lovely and the Cath K fabric on the stool is one of my very faves, I wish they still made it. Looks like your parents' party was a great success, many congrats to them.
    Hen x

  2. Love the caravan doorstop Jess, what a busy summer!

  3. Gorgeous little pups! So sad about the little one that didn't make it though.

    I am deeply envious of your campervan doorstop, that is absolutely gorgeous, and the little table/stool.

    Mel xxx

  4. Congrats to your mum and dad on their anniversary.
    Love the caravan you made!
    All those puppies are adorable, so sorry about the little boy one who was poorly.
    Lisa x

  5. Love your doorstop,it's beautiful!! What an original, pretty idea!!
    It looks as though mum & dad had a great time!! Isn't it lovely to see all the family together?!
    congratulations on being midwife to those lovely puppies!!! So sorry to hear about the poorly puppy, bless him X

    Sharon xx

  6. Love the caravan! I made some tea towels for a caravanning friend and appliqued blue spotty caravans on them... and snap to the flour tin too! I have one that I keep dog biscuits in, don't have cutie pie puppies like you tho! They are too sweet, so sad about the cleft palate.

  7. Lovely blog - spotted the Southwold post - my favourite place in the world and I'm going soon. The painted beach hut with the children in teh window is by Mary Gundry who has her own gallery in Southwold.

  8. Wow Jess loads has happened since your last post.
    Loving your treasures and the pups are sooooo cute.
    Happy belated 35th to your mum and dad.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend.
    Catherine x

  9. Such gorgeous puppies! Looks like you've had a lovely summer. Love the caravan and your Mums conservatory looks beautiful. I love indoor picnicks!

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  11. Hello. just found your blog, its wonderful. Those puppies! Pop and visit me some time, I love finding new peeps on my blog! X Suzie. :)

  12. Hello. just found your blog, its wonderful. Those puppies! Pop and visit me some time, I love finding new peeps on my blog! X Suzie. :)

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