Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Feburary sun

I managed to get some photos taken yesterday afternoon, I decided to take them outside as we've been having some beautiful weather here, crisp frosty mornings slowly warming into bright sunny afternoons. I have four of the vintage embriodered cushions to go for sale on the website each with the same floral design, but in slighty different colours, two large (20"x20") of the Green Gate Filippa fabric with ric-rac and pom-pom trim, and two 18"x18" in Cath Kidston Boat Fabric with blue and white pom-pom trim, hopefully they will be available to buy on the website at the end of the week, if I can get my finger out.

While taking the photo's I decided to put in a pretty book, which later got me wondering where I could find other books with pretty covers, and I tried to do some research on the internet, but couldn't find anything. I want to find some more books with pretty covers, the ones that I have already are 'Apples for Jam' by Tessa Kiros and 'Minus nine to one' by Jools Oliver. Have any of you noticed the pretty book they use in their displays at Ikea, I think it has pink roses all over it, everytime I go there I wish I could buy one, but they are display only, I can't remember the tile either, but I think it's Scandinavian, if anyone knows what it's called could you let me know? Also if anyone knows of any others could you let me know?

Last week, Mum brought me a pretty lace doily when she came over, which she thought I could make something out of, but the other day I held it up at the window with the sun streaming through, and it looked lovely, so I pinned it to the window frame, and it's been there ever since. I took these photos yesterday because it was making such a delicately beautiful shadow on to the linen curtains.


  1. Your cushions are gorgeous - off to have a peek at what else you have on your website.....

  2. Those cushions are just gorgeous!

  3. Hi, I love your cushions, i've got Jools Olivers book, its a great and funny read and the cover is so pretty,I realy like her style, there were some pics once of her house in a magazine and it was very femanine and shabby chic. I haven't got round to getting Apples for tea or is it Jam for Tea, can never remember :)
    I have a Rita Konig book which is called Domestic Bliss which has a red colour back ground and pink writing, looks lovely on the bookshelf and I also have a new one called Family Life - Home but can't remember who its by, thats got a red binder and lovely photo on front.

  4. Hi, your cushions are beautiful. Here are some suggestions for pretty books:
    The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket.
    Cath Kidston in Print (in fact all of her books look delicious!)
    Probably anything by book publisher Ryland Peters & Small is eye candy.
    Taking Tea in the Medina by Julie Le Clerc looks interesting.
    If you type in "Vintage Ladybird" into the UK version of Amazon there is a lovely boxed set for girls and boys. (I might have to get one of these!)
    Good luck!

  5. I dont know what the world is coming to. My daughter asking for recommendations for pretty books!
    I do love the cushions and the photos- well, everything really.
    With love from your mother

  6. Jess you're a clever thing, what beauties. I bet they'll fly out of your shop. I've been hoovering up vintage postcards from ebay. There are millions on there, lots from America, and Buy it Now too so no nailbiting. I've bought most for around £1.50 and there are some real beauties.
    I'm a sucker for pretty books too, I'm building a little collection of vintage Enid Blyton's and countryside books. I've got my eye on the one featured in the vintage home in Country Living this month. Lovely!
    Have a smashing weekend.

  7. I love those cushions! What gorgeous pictures!

  8. Hi Jess

    Your cushions are so pretty and I love your day bed with those gorgeous quilts!

    Marie x

  9. Hello again, I was reading another blog today and I thought of you. Ragged Roses at http://raggedroses.blogspot.com/ has a great post about beautifully bound books she has found through a London publishing house. I hope you will find it interesting. It's the "Bookish Things" post.

  10. what beautiful cushions you make. I just love those embroidered ones. Also, you have photographed them so well.

    I have the Apples for Jam book - great book. sorry I can't suggest any other ones for you .

  11. I love the pic with the day bed covered with scrummy eiderdowns and gorgeous cushions, It should be used as the front cover for the next country living mag!

    Im going to ikea tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out for that book.

    Jen x

  12. Hello
    I came across your blog by pure accident (via ebay looking to order some dupion curtains...it is a long story LOL ), and I must say I love it.
    Cushions you made are so pretty and so are the photographs you used to show them off.
    Have a lovely weekend .
    Z. x

  13. These cushions are just lovely, and so are your photos! The daybed with all the pretty cushions and quilts is very inviting indeed. I too have a fondness for books with pretty covers, and enjoy Tessa Kiros´book "Apples for Jam" (both the cover and the recipes).

  14. The cushions are just beautiful, I still fight wiht Molly for the I bought from you lol she says it's all hers.
    I might have to buy another one of yours. I like the greengate one with flowers and pom poms, it's very pretty.

    I'll have a look for that book next time I go to Ikea.
    Have you got falling cloudberies by Tessa Kiros? that is pretty too.


    Catherine x

  15. What beautiful pictures - I just love the bed and those lovely cushions.

  16. Hi Jess,
    Your cushions are lovely and "I want your daybed"!, it looks so lovely. I wouldnt do any decluttering if I had that day bed !. I wouuld be lounging in between doing jobs.
    yake care Dominique

  17. So beautiful, I want all those emroidered cushions.....
    Your photos are just lovely, like a shabby chic book!
    I have just started reading Jool's book - I bought it for my expectant daughter to read first.
    I am going to have a naughty peep in your shop now...
    Carol x

  18. Ooohh, I just want to curl up on that sofa bed with a cup of tea and watch The Darling Buds Of May! Gorgeous!

    I always check out op shops (charity shops) for old books - you can find beautiful designs, especially if you have a peek behind the dust covers - and best of all, they're amazingly cheap!

  19. Hi there - you have a lovely blog, I have really enjoyed reading it, your cushions are really pretty. I work in a similar field to you - I have my own shop selling made to measure curtains, blinds, furnishings etc - Its funny how we can get things done for other people but our own sewing jobs get left! - Talking of which, have you decorated your bedroom yet - can't wait to see the finished room
    Natalie x

  20. Did you enmbroider those cushions yourself? They are fabarooney.

    I can tapestry and cross-stitch but embroidery has always been beyond me!!


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