Saturday, 1 December 2007

Website Open for Business, well just about!

Good morning everyone, it's a lovely morning here. Thanks to all of you who entered the giveway to celebrate the opening of my online shop during the week. Sorry I haven't had time to take any photo's of the draw, but Ella picked out three names from the cake tin to win £5 off their first order from my website.
And the winners are.................




Congratulations guys! To receive your discount, when you order use the payment option for cheques and then I'll send you a paypal invoice with the £5 discounted from your order.

Sorry to everyone who didn't win, but I have plenty of vintage bargains on my website, so pop over to The White Verandah and have a browse.

The Last order date for christmas delivery is 13th December (for UK delivery and Paypal, Credit & Debit card payments only (Sorry it's too late to post overseas!)
For payments by made by cheque: cheques will need to be recieved by me by 6th Dec at the lastest to allow it clear in time for despatch. So I recommend paypal just to be on the safe side.

As today's post title suggests, it's not completely finished, I have a few descriptions to complete in the vintage glass section, and a three more pairs of glass candlesticks and a couple more cake stands to add. I'm also yet to receive two more eiderdowns which are still in transit, so remember to check back on sunday or monday. Also the handmade section isn't very full, cause I've been busy with another customers order for the last couple of weeks.

Let me know if you have any constructive feedback, it all helps, and I should think that there might be a few teething problems! But remember to let me know if you have any problems or questions and I will try to sort them out asap.


  1. Cant believe I won! Thanks very much. Just to let you know, the link to your website doesnt go anywhere!

  2. The website looks fantastic - well done. I loved it so much I had to buy something! Hope it goes well for you.
    Cathy XX

  3. Your new shop looks great! I love the background & the layout is nice & easy to use. Well done & good luck!

  4. Your site is lovely! Very beautifully designed and full of pretty temptations--well done! Happy Days :O)

  5. Is it ME????? Whoo, I'm off to go shopping.....

  6. Thank you thank you Jess, I'll pop over and have a look on your lovely website. Good luck with it, I hope you do very well.

    Warm wishes and merry Christmas.

    Catherine x

  7. I was so restrained, I wanted far too much on there!!! :)
    It's a really easy site, and you have some lovely lovely lovely things! I am definitely coming back after christmas for more!!!! (because I'm hoping to get some money!!!!)

  8. Going over to take a look at your shop now, congratulations on opening and lots of luck with this venture.

  9. Just came back to say that it all looks wonderful!


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